The Teams are Set on The Voice

The Voice coaches filled their teams last night, and we are ready to move on to the battle rounds on Monday, October 10th! I feel like we just started and already we’re moving on to kicking people out. I think there are a few standouts but, unlike last year, there is no clear winner anointed by the producers at this point. Here is a quick rundown of each team, in some sort of order from most likely to stay to most likely to go. I can’t say I remember them all perfectly, but this is where I’m at today:


  1. Nolan Neal
  2. Bindi Liebowitz
  3. Riley Elmore
  4. Simone Gundy
  5. Billy Gilman
  6. Brendan Fletcher
  7. Elia Esparza
  8. Andrew DeMuro
  9. Johnny Rez
  10. JSoul
  11. Natasha Bure
  12. Ponciano Seoane


  1. Sundance Head
  2. Blaine Long
  3. Dana Harper
  4. Courtney Harrell
  5. Josh Gallagher
  6. Austin Allsup
  7. Gabe Broussard
  8. Ethan Tucker
  9. Dan Shafer
  10. Christian Fermin
  11. Preston James
  12. Tarra Lyne


  1. Josh Halverson
  2. We McDonald
  3. Halle Tomlinson
  4. Jason Warrior
  5. Christian Cuevas
  6. Dave Moisan
  7. Lauren Diaz
  8. Kylie Rothfield
  9. Gabriel Violett
  10. Michael Sanchez
  11. Whitney & Shannon
  12. Belle Jewel


  1. Ali Caldwell
  2. Darby Walker
  3. Khalif Kimberlie
  4. Courtney Ramirez
  5. Sa’Rayah
  6. Maye Thomas
  7. Sophia Urista
  8. Lane Mack
  9. Karlee Metzger
  10. Aaron Gibson
  11. Josette Diaz
  12. Charity Bowden

I’ll save you the trouble of reading my random thoughts on each contestant at this point because, there are just too many. Blake and Adam both have strong guys with a good comeback story in Sundance Head and Nolan Neal. Miley has a strong, diverse group of ladies with country, soul and R&B roots and Alicia actually has a pretty talented and eclectic bunch. It will be an interesting season to see who America settles in on. Stay tuned next week as we head into the battle rounds, and the teams tighten up.


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