Pow! Bang! Splat! BATMAN ’66 to Cross Over with WONDER WOMAN ’77

batman66-wonder-woman-cover-1_lr3The 60s meet the 70s in DC Comics’s new crossover series, BATMAN ’66 MEETS WONDER WOMAN ’77.


What mysteries are hidden in the book Ra’s al Ghul just hired Catwoman to steal? And why does this caper lead Batman down memory lane—to his childhood fight against actual Nazis?! Witness his first encounter with one of the greatest heroes the world has ever known: Wonder Woman!

Rated E for Everyone

Writers:  Jeff Parker and Marc Andreyko

Artists: David Hahn and Karl Kesel

Cover Artist: Michael Allred

Variant Cover: Alex Ross

The miniseries was announced at the New York Comic-Con Wonder Woman 75th anniversary panel. The Digital First title is co-written by BATMAN ’66 vet Jeff Parker and WONDER WOMAN ’77 writer Marc Andreyko. BATMAN ’66 MEETS WONDER WOMAN ’77 will bring the 60s and the 70s together in this miniseries based on the two classic TV series.

Parker and Andreyko bring their experiences with their prospective series to a synchronistic union in BATMAN ’66 MEETS WONDER WOMAN ’77. Parker says that Andreyko should receive primary credit for the idea, and Andreyko says, “It was BATMAN ’66 by Jeff Parker that inspired me to ask about doing WONDER WOMAN ’77, so getting to co-write with him is a dream come true. The story we’re spinning spans thirty years as these two legendary Super Heroes fight an ancient evil across the decades. We’ve planned lots of twists, cameos, and surprises along the way that fans of both series will appreciate.”

BATMAN ’66 MEETS WONDER WOMAN ’77 will launch digitally in November, followed by a six-issue print series, the first issue of which will premiere in January of 2017.

Digital chapters will be available for download on the DC App, Readdcentertainment.com, iBooks, comiXology.com, Google Play, Kindle Store, Nook Store, and iVerse ComicsPlus beginning November 23, 2016, for 99 cents. The first print issue will be $3.99.

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