For Your Consideration: The Top Twenty is Set on The Voice

I figured out tonight that I just don’t understand men. Ok, maybe a talk for another time but tonight, as the top 20 was finalized during the last night of KnockOut Rounds, I realized that I can’t predict Blake and Adam to save my soul. In my previous recap I did a quick rundown of each team going into the knockouts and for both Miley and Alicia my choices weren’t too bad. On #TeamMiley I have loved Ali Caldwell since day one and for #TeamAlicia it isn’t hard to see that We McDonald is a safe lock for the top five. For Adam and Blake, I got nothing.

For Team Adam I had high hopes for the rocker returnee from Season 10, Nolan Neal who was let go tonight after being paired with hottie hipster Brendan Fletcher. That’s not to say Brendan didn’t deserve to win but I would have kept Nolan in there somehow. On Blake’s team I had slotted Josh Gallagher pretty high, bucking the trend of Sundance Head for the win. In a Josh vs Sundance battle, Blake went with Sundance and cut Josh. In my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have paired these two together because they both have some serious country pull. Adam smartly snatched up Josh, which could be a serious threat to Blake’s country crown.

Anyway, here’s how the teams sit after tonight. I should probably mention that the most beautiful couple in the world, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have mentored for the last two weeks and they are impressive. They both bring different sides of being a vocalist to the table and I think having them both there was a big plus for a lot of the contestants.

I have no idea what is going on Tuesday night and/or if there will be wild card picks next week. My wild card list obviously grew by a few tonight so for fun…maybe I’ll throw in my thoughts on that.

Team Miley

  1. Ali Caldwell
  2. Aaron Gibson
  3. Darby Walker
  4. Sophia Urista
  5. Bell Jewel
    Wild card Option: Blaine Long
    Miley turned for Blaine during his audition and he chose Team Blake. Miley has a pretty diverse team but only one guy for us to choose from.

Team Alicia

  1. We McDonald
  2. SaRayah
  3. Josh Halverson
  4. Christian Cuevas
  5. Kylie Rothfield
    Wild card Option: Bindi Leibowitz
    Bindi has been on both Team Adam and Team Blake but I think she is a natural fit for some coaching time with Alicia. I just don’t think we’ve heard enough from her yet.

Team Blake

  1. Sundance Head
  2. Austin Allsup
  3. Jason Warrior
  4. Dana Harper
  5. Courtney Harrell
    Wild card Option: Nolan Neal
    Adam stole Josh Gallagher from Blake in hopes of hurting him in his country bone. (does that sound naughty?) It makes perfect sense for Blake to snatch up Nolan and get back at Adam with one of his own four chair turners.

Team Adam

  1. Josh Gallagher
  2. Brendan Fletcher
  3. Simone Gundy
  4. Billy Gilman
  5. Riley Elmore
    Wild card Option: Maye Thomas
    I’m stumped with this one so I picked Maye just because she reminds me of Gwen Stefani and I think that would bug Blake, which seems to be what Adam cares most about. A more likely choice would be Michael Sanchez because everyone digs him.

These teams are interesting and there is a lot of diversity of style in each group. We have divas and we have cowboys with a few singer/songwriters and soulful pop vocalists spread throughout the top 20. I guess the next step is up to the East coast as we move to live voting next week.

Since I brought it up, I’m super irritated with NBC for said LIVE results they are doing next week so I might boycott (who am I kidding, I tried that before). Instead of giving the entire Central and Pacific time zones a say in the outcome of the show, NBC would like us to participate in voting for the top eight by following along on Twitter during dinner or our commute home from work and choosing the people who have the best personalities because we won’t get to see their performances before our votes are counted. Way to suck the suspense right out of the show for two-thirds of the country.

Believe it or not, I enjoy suspense and the live feeling of it all. So America, I take no responsibility for how this all turns out. I’m not voting on the popularity because this is a show called The Voice and I’d like to have the opportunity to vote on their performances next week but, well, I guess our half doesn’t matter. Don’t get me started!

Until then, see you on Election Eve where I think maybe my west coast vote might count for something. Or not…

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