Book Review: The Little Yarnmouth Abduction by Tim Van Minton

This YA adventure story is set in a world where the polar ice caps have melted due to a lack of environmental concerns by the inhabitants of the earth.  The primary cause being The Crystalline Plant which was able to change the weather for a majority of the planet.  In the aftermath of the meltdown, people are forced to get used to extremes of temperature, floating icebergs that jam shipping lanes and an overall breakdown of technology.

Evan Peregrine lives on Little Yarnmouth, an island in the north of Scotland, with his uncle.  His father is the captain of an ice tug who works in the Arctic Ocean clearing icebergs from the shipping lanes.  Evan is accused of a crime he didn’t commit on the neighboring island where he attends school and flees home only to find Little Yarnmouth abandoned.  With help from a couple of very unlikely and unusual sources, Evan sets out to solve the mystery of Little Yarnmouth.

Tim Van Minton sets up a great story and populates his tale with well-drawn characters with whom you soon begin to identify.  Evan is smart, but not preternaturally wise; he knows when to seek assistance.  Since he isn’t perfect, he makes some mistakes and experiences some setbacks in his search.  This just makes him more identifiable and likable.  The villains are villainous and while less fleshed out are still frightening and compelling.

This story was a joy to read. The prose is well-developed, but not too sophisticated for its target audience.  Readers will enjoy Evan and his companions and should find this seafaring tale engaging enough to keep them reading.  With an open-ended conclusion, Van Minton’s story will leave readers hoping for the next part of the tale.

I highly recommend this story for young and old alike.  There is sometimes nothing better than an exciting tale of adventure to while away a rainy or snowy afternoon.  I am personally looking forward to the next installment.


You can find out more about Tim and the book at his Official Website.


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