A Recap and Review of Aftermath “A Clatter And A Chatter”

Photo Credit: Eike Schroter/Aftermath ULC/Syfy
Photo Credit: Eike Schroter/Aftermath ULC/Syfy

We pick up exactly where we left off last week. The Copeland family has outrun the feverheads that were shooting at them, but they quickly run into their next problem. The ocean, which’s supposed to be 15 miles away, is now acting as a roadblock, preventing the family from making it far from the feverheads who’ve been chasing them.

As the tank approaches, so does a mysterious man on a horse with heavy-duty weapons that nearly blow the tank to pieces. And of course, Karen Copeland (Anne Heche) knows him- Lamar Boone (Wayne Brady), another friend from her Air Force days. He runs his own apocalyptic “refuge,” and invites them all to go back there with him. As they’re loading back into the RV, Karen hears a piercing sound that nobody else catches.

aftermath-gallery-105recap-06They continue on, but run into another obstacle immediately. Dana (Julia Sarah Stone) heads off into the woods to search for an alternate route when a man-eating plant attacks her. Josh (James Tupper) and Matt (Levi Meaden) hear her screams and run to her rescue. The plant then begins to infiltrate the RV. Two of Boone’s team arrive just in time to save them- Martin (Madison Smith) and Jane (Sharon Taylor).

Finally, they reach their destination- the Alamo. It’s clear that Boone despises Josh, as he wants Karen all for himself. As Boone’s trying to put the moves on Karen, Martin’s going after Dana, and Brianna’s (Taylor Hickson) still all tied up with Devyn (Mitchell Kummen). These Copeland women are going to be heartbreakers. Karen hears the sound again but this time, sees a screaming banshee, which only appears when a family member is about to die. Good.

We’re introduced to Sally (Janet Kidder) again, who’s with Jeff Cottrell. Feverheads overran their compound so now they’re on the run. They fight off a feverhead possessed by a Skin Walker (something else we’ve never seen before) and eventually reach the Alamo with the rest of the Copeland’s. Sally arrives first and is admitted entry. Cottrell arrives a littler after, but Boone is immediately suspicious about letting him in. Eventually, he lets him in, but that turns out to be a pretty bad idea.


As Skin Walker possessed feverheads are surrounding Boone’s compound, he releases orders to set off the custom-built mines that are buried around their camp. This works, until they realize Cottrell is indeed, a demon as well. Before Karen can put a bullet in his head, he snaps Sally’s neck. The Copeland’s are mourning the loss of one of their own- Aunt Sally. And I’m hoping they seek much-deserved revenge on these demons next week.

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