Cover Wars: Creep by Radiohead

“Creep” was the debut single for British alt-rock band Radiohead, from their first album Pablo Honey. The song was released in 1992 but did not do well in the initial release. Upon re-release in 1993, “Creep” became an international hit, earning the band an NME Award for Best Single.

The story behind the song alleges that Thom Yorke wrote “Creep” while studying at Exeter University in the late 1980s. Guitarist Jonny Greenwood said that the song was inspired by a girl that Yorke had followed around who showed up unexpectedly during a show by the band.

“Creep” has been covered by many major artists, including Prince, Korn, and most recently Eric Bass of Shinedown during their live performances. Here are some new artists who have taken on this iconic tune:

Postmodern Jukebox: 

Postmodern Jukebox on FB:


The Running Mates:

Daniel Homeless Mustard:

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