History Channel Premieres “50 Years of Star Trek” Sunday, August 14

Fifty years of geekdom, fandom, and the stars. Star Trek, in all its various forms, has taken us where no man has gone before, and we’ve enjoyed the journeys through television, film, and conventions, among other media.

On Sunday, August 14th, The History Channel will premiere a two-hour documentary on the phenomenon that is Star Trek with 50 years of Star Trek, a comprehensive celebration and reflection on the show and its legacy.

Fifty years of a franchise is a lot to cover, especially in two hours, but The History Channel is doing its best to cover the series as thoroughly as possible. There will be interviews with current and former cast and crew members, including the late Leonard Nimoy in one of his final full-length interviews. The show will even highlight some celebrity Trekkies and their experiences in the world of the Star Trek fandom.

50 years of Star Trek begins at 8pm ET/PT on The History Channel on Sunday, August 14th. If you can’t watch it live, be sure to set your DVRs to stun!

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