Famous Last Words Releases “The Judged” Through Huffington Post

tq613aNA4pgThe subject of sexual and domestic abuse has been a hot topic in the news as of late. From Bill Cosby to the numerous suspensions levied on sports stars accused of domestic assault, it has become hard to peruse the news without running across another abuse story.

Never a band to shy away from controversial topics, Famous Last Words has aimed right at these subjects with their upcoming album, The Incubus.

“All of our full-length albums have told stories that tackle extremely difficult situations,” said vocalist JT Tollas. “The Incubus, tackl(es) the issue of sexual and domestic abuse. I felt it was important to step forward and really bring this relentless issue to light.”

The first taste of The Incubus was unleashed last month. ”Pretty in Procelain” introduced the album’s main character, Christine, a 1950’s stay-at-home mother. This story is continued in the band’s new single, “The Judged.” Released via lyric video exclusively through the Huffington Post, “The Judged” shows Christine in court defending herself for being a rape victim.

“It’s meant to show the absurdity of blaming oneself for being the victim of sexual/domestic assault,” said Tollas of the song.

The Incubus is set for release September 30 and available for preorder now. You can hear “The Judged” and read the band’s interview about the song at the Huffington Post now.

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