Emarosa Releases Video for “Blue”

downloadIt’s been less than a month since the release of Emarosa’s acclaimed fourth album, 131. While 131 was making an impact on the Billboard 200, Emarosa has been busy releasing a series of videos surrounding the release of the album. The latest of these videos, “Blue,” has made its way online.

Directed by Megan Thompson, the video shows lead vocalist Bradley Scott Walden emotionally delivering the lyrics. The passion shown in the video makes it obvious why 131 has received praise.

“I’m so proud of this. It’s my favorite thing I’ve ever done. This is the record we wanted to make,” says Walden. While Walden’s debut album with Emarosa, 2014’s Versus, was successful, the new pop-turn taken by 131 has certainly set it apart.


131 is available now. You can see the video for the latest single “Blue” below.

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