Book Review: Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

SleeplessinManhattan_REV-200x317Paige Walker is working as an event planner at one of the best event planning companies in the city.  To make this job even more perfect, she works (and shares a three flat) with her two best friends.  Paige has worked hard and achieved all the goals her manager set for her and expects to be promoted and given her own team to manage… and that’s where her bubble bursts!

All three girls are downsized right out of their positions and must scramble to come up with a plan that allows them to continue to live in the city they love.  Naturally, Paige’s brother’s best friend Jake has something to say about their predicament and naturally, sparks fly.  To be fair, they’ve been flying for some time and both Paige and Jake have turned a blind eye to them.

This is a very well-written, light-hearted and immensely fun summer read.  The words flow as easily as the cocktails the girls drink on their rooftop garden and the plot is engaging, but not too terribly full of angst.  This is chick-lit at its very best.  Yes, the plot is just a little predictable, but the characters are so much fun, that they carry you through to the end without any boredom.

Ms. Morgan has created very well drawn characters that have the kind of flaws that we can relate to and who take as many wrong turns as they do right turns.  This makes them relatable to the point where you are cheering for them to succeed.

There are two more books in this New York trilogy and I look forward to reading both of them just to stay in touch with these characters and their trials, tribulations, and successes.  Yes, there is the expected romance, it is after a Harlequin publication, but it is modern romance that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Everyone who likes to read needs fun, easy to read books like this in their collection.  Sometimes a rom-com hits all the right notes.

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