An Interview with Dead of Summers’ Eli Goree at San Diego Comic-Con 2016

Photo Credit: Freeform/Katie Yu
Photo Credit: Freeform/Katie Yu

Canadian actor Eli Goree began his career at a young age when he was cast in Sesame Park. He’s best known for his roles in Da Kink in my Hair, Emily Owens, M.D., The 100, Legends of Tomorrow, Heartbeat, GodzillaRace and The Christmas Truce. Currently Goree is portraying Joel Goodson on Freeform’s hit new series Dead of Summer. While at San Diego Comic-Con, TNWU chatted with Goree about attending his first Comic-Con, horror films and working with Tony Todd. Read our interview below.

Have you seen the films the whole TV show references to, Friday the 13th… Nightmare on Elm Street?

Myself personally, no, I haven’t seen too many horror films. I’m not a big horror film person but my older brother is big into horror films. When he found out that I was shooting with Tony (Todd), he couldn’t believe it, he couldn’t believe I was working with the Candy Man. (laughs). 

I took a picture with Tony on set because he lost a bet. We had a bet on the NBA finals and he lost. I took a picture, he had to wear the hat of my team. My brother saw the hat and saw the picture, he was like, “You’re friends with the Candy Man?” He was like, he didn’t even recognize him as an actor, he just saw me with the Candy Man as if I was in danger or something. It was pretty cool. He was super freaked out.

Are you not a horror freak?

I’m not a horror freak, no no no. I like sci-fi but horror gets a little tough for me. If I’m going to see a horror, it has to be like sci-fi horror, like The Fly or Alien or something like that.

Does Joel’s camera hold any significance other than the obvious, will his videos play a part later on?

It definitely, definitely does and you’re gonna find out more in the episode next Tuesday (How to Stay Alive in the Woods). That’s the episode that’s going to be focusing on Joel’s character and it reveals all of the back stories around his camera so you definitely want to watch.

What is your favorite part about playing Joel?

I’m very fortunate because my character has so many layers in terms of his background, in terms of his upbringing, in terms of what he represents at the camp and his relationship with Deb. As an actor, it’s a dream because I get to go and try and figure out what’s motivating him and where he’s going. I love that aspect of it.

This was your first Comic-Con.

This was my first one, yeah.

Was it overwhelming to see how much love you guys got from the preview and walking [down here?]

Oh, man, you know what? The love is so real, it’s so cool to be out here and have people just come up to you and know you from other shows and also just really genuinely want to interact with you. They were very respectful. I was telling people earlier I feel like these guys are professional fans. They just know how to do things right out here so it’s been a great experience.

Have you walked the halls?

Have I walked the halls? Yeah, yeah, I walked the halls and I’ve gotten to see some of the pictures with some of the Storm Troopers, so it’s been a good time. I was hanging out with Conan O’Brien back in the lounge there so it’s been fun. (laughs). 




*Interview was done by TNWU’s on-site SDCC reporter Anna Ruth Ramos

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