TNWU Weekly Superlatives (May 30th – June 11th)


Best One-Liner: Wynonna Earp

“Eat Shit, Shit Eaters.” – Waverly

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Wynonna Earp isn’t short with witty remarks and one-liners, but Waverly’s “Eat shit, Shit Eaters” has to take the cake for this one.  Even with bullets firing around her, she still has a way with words.

Best Kiss: Scream

Emma and Kieran

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Emma’s been having it difficult, to say the least.  She’s still struggling with past events, and they are still haunting her.  In a moment of bravery, she requests one final thing from Kieran before he leaves: take her to the dock where Piper attacked her.  They go, and it’s a moment of relief for Emma, who finally let’s go of her fears.  She embraces this new fearlessness by sharing an intense and passionate kiss with Kieran.

Honorable Mention: Claire and Jamie (Outlander)

Most Swoon-Worthy Scene: Game of Thrones

Gilly defends Sam


During Randyll Tarly’s tirade against Sam, Gilly stands up for her man and lets Randyll know just the kind of wonderful man Sam is. (Contributed by Talya)

Most Heartbreaking Moment: Game of Thrones

Arya is Stabbed by the waif

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Having decided to shed the “a girl has no name” nonsense, Arya is once again becoming Arya Stark, but her return to her name doesn’t come without consequences and risks.  Jaqen can’t let her walk free, and the Waif is given orders to kill Arya.  The Waif meets Arya on the street, and as per usual, she doesn’t look like herself.  Disguised as an elderly woman, the Waif repeatedly stabs Arya, and we are left wondering if Arya Stark will survive.

Honorable Mention: Angus’ death (Outlander)

Most Heartwarming Moment: Wynonna Earp

Willa and Wynonna have a heart to heart

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It’s been years since they’ve seen each other, and the Earp sisters have only recently been reunited.  Wynonna had thought that Willa was dead, and Willa hadn’t even known that she was Willa, but having regained her memories and having a rocky start, the two eldest Earp girls sat down for a little heart to heart.  Wynonna’s been alone ever since their father’s death and Willa’s disappearance, but Willa promises her that she doesn’t have to be alone anymore, that they can be close again.

Funniest Scene: Wynonna Earp

Doc Tries to Drive


After Wynonna gives Doc the keys to Constance’s pink Cadillac, he isn’t exactly sure what to do with it.  He briefly considers smashing it into oblivion, but Waverly has a better idea: why not learn how to drive.  So Doc does just that, only he isn’t the best driver, and Haught ends up giving him a ticket for driving over the speed limit.

Most Shocking: Game of Thrones

The Hound Returns


We last saw him in season 4 on the brink of death, and, well, we sort of really thought that he was dead.  But as Game of Thrones has proven, do not believe that a character is dead until you see his or her body cremated or lowered into the ground.  Sandor Clegane, aka “The Hound,” is alive and well.  Having been nursed back to health by Brother Ray, Sandor Clegane is living a violence-free life until violence inevitably catches up to him.

Most Suspenseful: Scream

Audrey is Pranked

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The “Lakewood Six” have been through enough, especially considering that they are only teenagers and have witnessed the murders of their friends and have managed to fend off a serial killer.  Apparently enough isn’t truly enough, though, because alone at night at work, Audrey is attacked by the serial killer.  He chases her through the theater until she eventually stabs him.  Turns out that it was all just a cruel prank, but it kept us on the edges of our seats with a white-knuckled grip.

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add! We will see you next week with more Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards! 

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