Review: “Overthinking” The Debut EP by Cailee Rae

Sixteen-year-old Cailee Rae writes music that is complex and fresh.  She gives voice to the trials and tribulations that we all experience in relationships with lyrics that can be appreciated by anyone, regardless of your chronological age.  Overthinking is a well-crafted EP that while trendy and fun, is more musically sophisticated than a lot of the pop EPs on the market.

Cailee’s songs are pop based and infused with soul and she uses her vocals to convey a range of emotions.  She hits low notes with a surprisingly sultry and smoky voice, while keeping her mid and high notes pure and bright – almost bell-like.  The maturity of her voice and the complexity of her lyrics is appealing and far above your typical young pop star.  The music itself is comprised of catchy melodies and complex bridges.  It is the kind of music that makes it very hard for people to NOT start dancing and compels you to sing along.

The best track on the EP is the song “Anchor” and you can see the innovative video for the song below.

That said, all five songs are well-written, well-performed and well-engineered.  Give this EP a chance and let Cailee Rae and Overthinking become part of your soundtrack for Summer 2016!

Overthinking is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify!

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