Exclusive Interview with Independence Day: Resurgence’s Nate Warren

Photo Credit: Luke Fontana

Talk Nerdy had the awesome opportunity to sit down with the talented Nate Warren to discuss his upcoming roles in the latest addition to the Independence Day franchise, Resurgence and the action-science fiction-romance film, The Space Between Us!

In Resurgence, Warren portrays Marley Sullivan, an Area 51 Weapons Tech officer – one of the several officers who reports to General Joshua Adams (William Fichtner). On more of his character, Warren added, “When he’s not leading a team in the research and incorporation of alien technology versus human technology, he’s in the command center awaiting orders from the general.”

Being a huge fan of the original Independence Day film, it was a basis for Warren’s portrayal of Sullivan in Resurgence. He went on to joke, “I think I’ve watched it so much that the VHS is probably worn now – remember VHS?” The one liners and great action sequences are what made this film a favorite for him – especially since at that time, the level of special effects used in the original film were so different from what many had seen prior to the film’s release. “It really paved the way for future disaster epics.”

On working with famed director Roland Emmerich, Warren cited it as a great experience. Warren adds, “He has a vision for everything, and he executes it so well.” During filming, Emmerich and the writers would often consult if the scene wasn’t hitting the right notes in order to recalibrate and get the scene right. The whole process was hugely collaborative, and part of that relies on the fact that Emmerich has gathered a top-notch team.

MV5BMTU0MzQwMTI5Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDA4NzAwOTE@._V1_Warren’s other science fiction venture is in the film, The Space Between Us. His role is one of an apathetic emergency room clerk. In one scene, in particular, he plays alongside Britt Robertson, whom he described as, “fantastic and charming.” When asked about the scene he explains that it’s a fun moment where “She (Robertson’s character) tries to get information about Asa (Butterfield)’s character and he’s not being very helpful…

His experience in this project was also fantastic, especially in regards to working with director Peter Chelsom. “Even in the auditioning process, he’s so for and about actors. He really works with you to get the best out of you, which I found to be so cool! Just to run through things with him and have him say, ‘Okay try it this way, now try it that way, okay now this one- do it, however. Just have fun!’ You know, that’s always an actor’s dream to get that sort of direction.

On the topic of both his upcoming roles being in the sci-fi genre, and whether it was a genre he found himself enjoying, Warren welcomed it with open arms! “I find more often than not, I’ve been watching a lot of sci-fi/fantasy shows, so I don’t know if it’s conscious but I kinda lucked out getting two sci-fi roles in a row. So If I ever had the opportunity in the future to do more sci-fi — heck yes!

Warren also spoke candidly about his new projects in writing, as well as mentioning the challenge of getting his projects produced. “It’s so hard for me to put work out there that I’m not completely, 100% confident in,” states Warren while deeming himself a perfectionist. He also mentions that he’s working on both a screenplay and eventually getting an original series off the ground. Warren’s participation in two anticipated films this year, as well as his own ventures in writing and music, is truly exciting and worth keeping an open eye and ear for!

Independence Day: Resurgence is in theaters June 24, 2016, and The Space Between Us has a current release date of December 21, 2016. You can also keep tabs on all the things Nate’s up to via his official Twitter account!

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