Jillian Rose Reed Directs Music Video “One More Night”

Jillian Rose Reed, the actor and producer best known for playing Tamara Kaplan in MTV’s Awkward, has directed Marty Shannon’s new music video “One More Night”. The video features model Brittney Berault and was just released yesterday!  You can see the video on YouTube below and subscribe to Jillian and Marty’s YouTube channel if you like what you see.

Jillian and Marty have been dating for over four years and have a number of adorable videos out on YouTube under the topic of “We’re Dating”.  Marty’s newest video for “One More Night” is filmed in a stripped down white room, with white linens and a very cool platinum blonde.  The only spot of color is her red suitcase.  The song and the video are both well executed and the mood of the video matches that of the song quite well.  Marty is an excellent musician and Jillian’s directorial decisions serve to enhance the songs rather than distract from them.

I highly recommend this video as well as the others that Jillian and Marty have available on YouTube.  Head over today – here’s the link again – and see what you’re missing


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