What’s In The Box? Fandom of the Month Edition

Fandom of the Month

What box is this?:

Fandom of the Month Club

Is there a theme?:

Yes. This month’s theme was Avengers.

FOTM 1Item:

Loki Magnet

Estimated Value:

$2, maybe.

Would I personally buy this:

Yes, I would. Great image of Loki.


Avengers Bag



Would I personally buy this?:

Probably not. I’m not really a fan of the design.



Spiderman Bracelet

Estimated Value:

$36.00, for the closest replica I could find here.

Would I personally buy this:

Nope. I don’t do cuff bracelets because my wrist is so small. The material the bracelet is made of is super flimsy, and Spiderman is basically just a charm.



Thor Ring


Honestly, I could not find anything close to this ring. I am going to estimate it at $10.

Would I personally buy this?:

If I were into bigger rings, I probably would buy this.



Captain America Earrings

Estimated Value:

$10, again for the closest match I could find here.

Would I personally buy this?:

Nope. These are huge. I am a huge fan of Captain America, and I was not happy with these at all. Plastic and huge. Not a fan.

FOTM 5Item:

Arc Reactor Necklace

Estimated Value:

$13.50, for this almost exactly the same.

Would I personally buy this item?:

Absolutely. I love the reactor design. Plus I’m pretty sure it glows in the dark. Awesome!

Cost of the box:

$13 + Shipping

Total value of the box:

$70 approximately.

Did you get value for your money?:

This month, not really. I am a huge Marvel fan and I am very disappointed in what I got. I’d love to give the Spiderman bracelet and Cap earrings to anyone who wants them! Comment below if you would be interested. 😀

Would I personally buy this box again?:

Of course. I’m disappointed in this month’s box, but I am willing to try it again. If I get more disappointing boxes I will consider cancelling.

Where can I buy this box?:

Fandom of the Month Club Website

All photos were taken by me personally. If you use them please credit Talk Nerdy With Us.

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