The Tragic Trio: Clarke, Raven, and Octavia

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(*This post contains SPOILERS for episode 3×12*)

After watching the latest episode of The 100, I started to think about what I’d like to see in the last four episodes of the season:  I want to see a scene where Clarke, Raven, and Octavia are alone together and are allowed to mourn and grieve over everything and everyone they have lost.

But this is The 100 we’re talking about.  It doesn’t seem like grief is important for certain characters.  Depending on who they are, they have to suck it up and move on.  And this is what we’ve seen Clarke, Raven, and Octavia do all season long (even since season 1).

I think these three strong female characters have been treated unfairly.  This season alone, each of them has lost someone special, who understood them and valued them.


Clarke lost Lexa. 

Regardless of my shipping preferences, there is no denying that Lexa understood Clarke like no one else has thus far.  Lexa never demonized her, blamed her, or accused her of not trying her best to ensure the safety of her people.

Clarke editedBut not only did Lexa die just as their relationship was finally beginning, but Clarke, the lead of the show, has still not mourned Lexa’s death properly.  Yes, she mentioned her in episode 3×11, but it was a short-lived outburst.  If it wasn’t for the chip (which I’m still confused about…), Lexa would not be mentioned at all; it would be as if Lexa never existed, as if she wasn’t important.  But Clarke, as usual, has to internalize her pain and suck it up.  One supportive relationship gone way too soon.


Octavia lost Lincoln. 

Octavia, who never felt like she belonged, lost the one person who made her feel wanted and accepted.  Octavia and Lincoln had a beautiful relationship.  They were both caught in-between two worlds and theirs was a relationship of support, love, and acceptance.

In the latest episode, we saw Octavia break down a few times but these, Octavia.png editedtoo, were short-lived outbursts.  I was glad that Octavia got closure through Lincoln and Sinclair’s funeral, but what bothered me was, in the moment where grief was most warranted, Octavia says, “It’s time to go,” and once again sucks up her pain in order to move on.  Another supportive relationship gone too soon.


 Raven lost Sinclair. 

Their relationship, which was formed on the Ark, was reminiscent of a father/daughter relationship.  After all the pain Raven endured, Sinclair was there to mentor her and care about her well-being.  Just two weeks ago, in episode 3×11, he said, “She’s all I have left, Clarke.” Their connection was just strengthened, but like Clarke and Octavia, Raven lost someone who understood her and valued her.  At his funeral, Raven’s pain wasn’t even shown.  It was overlooked.  Another relationship ruined.Raven.png edited


Granted, this is The 100, and these characters aren’t the only one’s who have lost and endured pain.  But what I find interesting is that Jasper’s loss and mourning over Maya’s death became a source of concern that was discussed in multiple episodes this season.  He was allowed to experience pain and anger, no matter how extreme or destructive.  But Octavia and Raven, who’s relationships with Lincoln and Sinclair developed over the three seasons, are not allowed that same freedom.  They, like Clarke, are forced to move on.

How much more pain can they endure?  Please, let them mourn.  Let them feel something. Stop hurting them and adding more pain on-top of unhealed wounds.

There are four episodes left this season and I can almost guarantee that their pain will still not be allowed to heal appropriately.


  1. I don’t think its a matter of them not being allowed to grieve as much as different people process grief differently.
    Clarke won’t mourn Lexa until everyone is safe. It’s very much her personality to push her feelings aside and focus on saving everyone else.
    We see glimpses of Octavia’s grief in this episode as the loss of Lincoln is finally hitting her. She is not going to fall apart the way Jasper did because it’s not in her nature to wallow.
    I don’t think the loss of Sinclair has fully hit Raven yet because he just died. I don’t think she will forget him because Finn died last season and she is still dealing with his death. I expect Sinclair to be treated in a similar way.

    Like Clarke and Octavia, Raven isn’t able to stop and grieve because people are counting on her to save the day. Also she is an active person constantly moving forward despite everything happening around her. It would be very out of character is she fell apart and laid around in a drunken stupor the way Jasper did.

    I totally understand you wanting these characters to show and process their grief outwardly. However I believe that the writers are staying true to their characters by writing them the way they are.

  2. Pushing through and getting things done is one thing. Clarke is barely showing ANY emotion. It’s creepy and it’s NOT in character.

    When Finn killed 18 people, she could barely look at him. Bellamy takes part in the massacre of 300 people in a scenario that directly led to Lexa’s death, and she’s just “what can I do to make you feel better?” It’s horrible.

    She didn’t even flinch when she said Lexa’s name to Luna. It’s awful and it’s bullshit. They’re erasing Lexa, her legacy, and her relationship with Clarke so we can all process Blamey’s manpain and I am over it.

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