Scream Season Two First Look

Last summer, MTV’s Scream completely took over, bringing in six million views on the night of its premiere, the show quickly wormed its way into fan’s lives everywhere. Following their announcement of season two at San Diego Comic Con, the cast has been busy at work. Now, in just a little more than a month Scream will be back on our screens and better than ever.

With fresh faces and new additions to the team ( Kiana Ledé, Sean Grandillo, and Santiago Segura), the cast has been out in New Orleans filming Season Two for a few months now.

BTS Look at Season Two
BTS Look at Season Two
BTS Look at Season Two
John Karna and newbie Sean Grandillo
John Karna and newbie Santiago Segura
John Karna and newbie Kiana Ledé
BTS Look at Season Two

MTV just released the first official promo featuring the familiar faces of Emma (Willa Fitzgerald), Noah (John Karna), Brooke (Carlson Young), Kieran (Amadeus Serafini), Jake (Tom Maden) and Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) for the new season which will be airing on MTV on May 30th. The trailer warns us to ‘trust no one’, but I can trust that it’s going to be an interesting season full of twists and turns.

Check out the trailer here!

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