Jordan Fisher Announces Release Date For New Music

Can’t get enough of Jordan Fisher? Well then, good news!

After months of teasing, the star announced on Twitter late Monday that he will be dropping new music on April 15th. The announcement came in the form of a video, showing Fisher in the studio and flashing the release date.

Most recently, Fisher starred as Doody in Grease: Live. Less than an hour after becoming the breakout heartthrob of the night, he casually dropped a new song “Counterfeit” on SoundCloud. As of April 4, the song has been played more than 52,000 times and has garnered a healthy 1,374 likes.

Though the song is from the album, it is not the first single for it. It was meant to give listeners a taste of Fisher’s sound, in case they wanted more after Grease: Live. Which, of course, we did!

We can’t wait to see what Jordan will do next!

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