Exclusive Interview with K.C. Undercover’s Kamil McFadden

MV5BMTQ0MzgyNTcwM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODU0ODUxNjE@._V1._SX372_SY500_Rising star Kamil McFadden currently plays Ernie on Disney Channel’s K.C. Undercover. While he plays the brother of main character K.C., his comedic talent easily takes over the screen. It is obvious that Kamil is not only talented, but is excited about his work and does whatever he can to give his best performance every time. He was the perfect addition to K.C. Undercover and his is a name that we will continue to hear for years to come. Read our interview with him below to learn about K.C. Undercover season 2, K.C and Ernie’s relationship, and more about what makes Kamil the person he is.

 K.C. Undercover has had great success with its first season. What do you think makes the show so special?

I think what makes the show so special is that it centers around a family of spies. If you go back and look at That’s So Raven or Kim Possible, the family in those shows were unaware of the main character’s double life. The family being incorporated in the business of keeping their spy status secret adds depth to the show and that introduces the parents to watch the show with their children. There is a little bit of everything in this show.

K.C. Undercover is both an action-heavy and comedic series, unusual for a television show. What do you think the writers, cast, and the rest of the team has done to make this combination work so well?

We have been able to figure out the perfect blend of action and comedy. The writers give us a skeleton, and we as the cast and crew add the rest to complete the body of work. The cast and crew share their perspective in their respective fields which gives a nice balance.

Often in shows, it takes a while for everyone to find out the main character’s secret. Why do you think the creators and writers had Ernie find out so early on in the series?

I think Ernie learned about KC’S secret so early because he is an intricate piece to KC. He is her brother. No matter how much they bicker and tease each other, they are a team. This team shows the true relationship between a brother and sister.

How do you think Ernie’s character and development would have been different throughout season one if he did not know his family’s secret?

I feel Ernie would have a harder time finding himself. He’s already socially awkward so him not being a part of something bigger would cause him to be even more of a recluse.

How would you describe Ernie’s development over this first season, both as a brother and as a spy?

As a spy, Ernie has grown more confident in his abilities and has contributed more to the team. As a brother, he has gained KC’s respect by being there for her, having her back.

We have been told that Ernie has an important role in the two-part season finale. What can you tell us about Ernie’s experiences in these last couple of episodes?

In these last couple of episodes, Ernie has had to really stand up for himself and his sister. Even though his actions don’t always come across well, Ernie’s intentions are good.

Now that season one is about over, what are you hoping to see for Ernie in season two?

I’m hoping to see Ernie continue to grow and come into his own. Maybe Ernie will learn some new skills.

What is your favorite part about playing Ernie?

My favorite part of playing Ernie is his knowledge of computers.

What was your favorite scene of K.C. Undercover this season?

My favorite scene from KC Undercover is the scene when we first meet the grandparents.

If you could play any other character on television besides Ernie, who would it be?

I would love to play Carl in The Walking Dead.

When you’re not acting, what are the things you most enjoy doing?

I enjoy driving, hanging out with friends, and going to the movies.

Be sure to check out Kamil in K.C. Undercover on Disney Channel on Sunday nights at 8:00!

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