Cemetery Sun Premiers New Song “E.Y.T.Y.K.”; Set to Release Self-Titled EP

Cemetery Sun will be debuting their new song, “E.Y.T.Y.K” via Alternative Press.

“The song relives the frustrations of growing up and realizing that, ultimately, we are all the same,” says singer Josh Doty. “We’re often categorized as a generation of torn, broken, tattered and faded kids. As the track continues, we start to realize that this feeling can unite us.”

The somewhat somber track is off the band’s highly anticipated self-titled EP, “Cemetery Sun.” The EP will be released exclusively on Spotify on April 29th. Fans can check out previously released singles, “(Hard Drugs) Fake Love” and “Wish It Was Love” via idobi Radio and Alternative Press, respectively. For more information on the music and the band visit www.cemeterysunband.com.

Influenced by alternative rock, pop, and R&B, Cemetery Sun began when Northern California natives Josh Doty (singer), Austen Butler (drummer), Elliot Polokoff (guitarist/producer) and Jesse Mancillas (lead guitarist) met in the studio. “The vibe was there. From the first playback, to the final mix, we knew we had crafted something truly memorable,” writes Elliot. “The rest of it followed suit. We grew at a rate none of us could have imagined.” The band’s music centers around the idea of overcoming life’s self-imposed obstacles, learning to love what surrounds them, and ultimately discovering who they are and how to pave the way for others. It is a sound that seeks clarity.

Fresh off their first national tour with Finish Ticket and Vinyl Theatre, Cemetery Sun is ready to digitally debut their new EP which culminates the collective effort of a year’s worth of writing. The band composed over 30 songs before heading into the studio to record. The result is an electric, contemporary, and illuminating sound.

Cemetery Sun EP Tracklisting:

1. (Hard Drugs) Fake Love
2. Avalanche
3. E.Y.T.Y.K.
4. Nothin’ On Me
5. Wish It Was Love
6. Emptied Out

For Updates and to follow the band, please visit:
Website: www.cemeterysunband.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CemeterySun
Twitter: twitter.com/Cemeterysuncrew
Instagram: instagram.com/cemeterysun

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