A Day at the Beach


Two world’s collided in Sunday’s all-new episode of Fear The Walking Dead. Fallen Flight 462 finally met with the cast of FearTWD, a collision of shows that fans have been anticipating since the idea was first teased. Having crashed into the ocean, most of the passengers haven’t survived and are now the infected. Alex, however, has survived, and she is determined to keep a badly injured Jake alive aboard a life raft with other survivors. This doesn’t sit well with the others, and one by one, they all die via being pushed off of the raft.

Meanwhile, back aboard the Abigail things aren’t going too well. The engine has overheated, leaving the group sitting ducks in the ocean. Something is blocking the water intake and the only way to figure out what it is is to get in the water. Strand is adamant that they get it fixed now, and Travis volunteers to be the one to check it out even though Madison urges him to wait until morning.

Travis gears up and jumps in. Debris is everywhere in the water, and as he nears the intake, he finds the source of their problem: an infected person’s arm is stuck in the intake. Coincidentally, this person is the same person that was on the life raft with Alex and Jake. The infected person is still alive and attempts to attack Travis. But don’t fret; he makes it back on board safely. The next morning, he begins working on a fix. He has to pump the sludge from the pipes, remove the walker from the intake, and figure out how to be a boat mechanic.

Switching over to the Salazar’s, Daniel goes to check on Ofelia, who is cleaning her wound. She has run out of antibiotics and the injury is now infected. Ofelia suggests that she asks Madison for medication, but Daniel refuses, stating that they take care of their own. Before the conversation can continue, the two hear Alicia calling for her mom. She has spotted a plane crash on the shore and there is luggage, supplies that they desperately need. She wants to go ashore and check it out, but Madison once again, wants to keep her loved ones close. She gives in when Daniel suggests that he goes with them. Daniel, Nick, Alicia, and Chris hop aboard the dinghy and take off in the direction of the beach.

Still on the Abigail, Travis continues his work on getting the boat up and running again. He gets back in SCUBA gear, jumps in the water, and clears the infected person from the intake. Elsewhere on the boat, Madison finally confronts Strand. Daniel has told her about Strand’s plan to go to Mexico, and she wants answers. According to him, there is a house in Baja. It has food, water filtration, reinforced walls. It’s the only safe place there is and their only option. The two agree to work together; they don’t trust each other, but they will work together. Getting Travis on her side is a different story. He doesn’t trust Strand at all, and after hearing about Strand’s plan to go to Baja, he trusts him even less.


Onshore, everyone is looking through luggage, except for Chris, who decides that it’s a good idea to venture off on his own despite Daniel’s orders for everyone to stay close. He finds a crashed section of the fuselage and grabs a makeshift weapon before going inside to investigate. He sees an infected person and taunts it before finally killing it. He is not expecting the person in the row over to be alive, however, and when he asks for help, Chris hesitates before helping him out of the seat. He soon discovers that the only help he can give the man is killing him: his back is broken and spine protruding out of his back. The man begs for Chris’s help, and Chris finally relents and puts the man out of his misery. Just as his father did for his mother, Chris has just committed a mercy kill.

Back where they’re supposed to be, Nick and Alicia are looking through more suitcases. Nick finds a hat and puts it on Alicia, and Alicia gives him a pilot’s shirt. The apocalypse, it appears, is bringing these two siblings closer together. The apocalypse is allowing them to live a life where Nick isn’t constantly gone, one where Nick’s drug addiction isn’t an overwhelming factor.

Nick stumbles upon Daniel, who is looking through a bag full of different bottles of pills. He realizes that Ofelia needs medication, and he tells Daniel that none of the pills in the bag will help her. Daniel suddenly realizes that Chris is nowhere in sight and orders Nick to stay with Alicia while he goes searching for Chris (aka Carl 2.0?). As he goes looking, he spots someone running down a sand dune. It’s Alex, and there is a herd of the infected following her.


Feeling as if it is taking Daniel too long to find Chris and get back to them, Alicia goes to find them. Nick finds a bag and tells her to wait a minute, which she doesn’t. The bag has the medicine in it that Ofelia needs. Before he can catch up with his sister, Nick is distracted by the noise of an infected person, who is trapped in sand up to his waist. The ground beneath Nick’s feet gives way, and he tumbles down to where the zombie is. A brief struggle ensues, but he is able to pulls the small knife from his pocket and kill the infected person before it has a chance to bite him. Nick’s relief is short-lived, though, as the noise of the struggle has attracted the attention of another zombie.

Alicia is finally able to find Chris, and noting the blood on his clothes and the weapon in his hand, she asks him if he’s all right. The realization that he’s killed the infected is almost startling to her. As they hear gunshots, the two rush towards the noise, finding Daniel and Alex and quickly becoming surrounded by the infected. Daniel orders them to find something to use as a weapon, and the small group begins to fight against the undead.


They all begin to take down the infected, but there are simply too many of them. One of the infected attacks Alicia, and she struggles to keep it from biting her. Thankfully, Nick swoops in to save the day and puts it down before its teeth can get any closer to her flesh. He is covered in blood, and it is allowing him to blend in with the herd. As the group makes their way to the dinghy, Nick tests just how well his camouflage works, coming face to face with one of the infected and mimicking its growls. It doesn’t perceive him as a meal.

The gunshots have gained the attention of those on the Abigail, and Madison is forced to watch as her children are surrounded by the infected. They realize that they need to leave as soon as the other make it aboard, and Travis the Boat Mechanic is able to fix the water intake. The sudden addition of members aboard the dinghy doesn’t go unnoticed by Strand as he watches the beach group make their way back to the Abigail, and he isn’t happy with it.

When the dinghy finally reaches the boat and Alicia helps Alex off of the life raft, Strand tells them no. This is his boat, and he is not taking on any more passengers. Alicia argues against his decision. Alex and Jake need their help. Strand tells her that there’s not enough room where they’re going, and Madison reveals to everyone that Strand has a plan. They’re going to Baja, and Travis agrees that it’s their best option. Alicia once again fights for Alex and Jake. Jake is dying and needs their help. They finally come to the conclusion to give the two food and water and tow the raft behind the Abigail with them in it. This doesn’t last long, though, because Strand uses a machete and cuts the rope that is keeping the raft secured to the boat, leaving our Flight 462 survivors stranded in the ocean.

“Ouroboros” is very much about drawing lines. Drawing lines of who to trust and who not to trust, who to save and who not to save. Daniel draws his line at Ofelia. He trusts his daughter and will do everything in his power to keep her safe. Madison is also drawing her line with her family. Alicia, however, hasn’t drawn a line. She is perhaps the only one who is still holding on to all of her humanity. When she sees somebody in need, she wants to help. But in a zombie apocalypse, holding onto your humanity can be a very dangerous thing, and drawing lines is perhaps the only thing that can keep you alive.


Best Zombie Kill: Chris’s jump kill


  • Nick changed his clothes! Finally!
  • Chris, can you please not be a Carl and just stay where you’re supposed to stay?
  • Chris’s mercy kill. How will that affect him, and will it allow him to understand what Travis did to Liza was out of mercy?
  • Nice hat, Alicia.
  • Nice shirt, Nick. Are you the new pilot?
  • Nick Clark, a.k.a. “The Yacht Pharmacist”
  • That zombie has crabs. No, really…there were crabs crawling all over its gut.
  • Alicia being all worried that Nick is bit and Nick reassuring her that he’s fine! I absolutely love the interaction between these two.
  • Is anybody else getting Nickfelia/Ofick vibes? I’m not sure if there is an official ship name yet, but Nick and Ofelia definitely have something going on between them.
  • Do we trust Strand? Cutting that rope wasn’t a very nice thing to do, even if this is his boat.
  • Is that the last that we’ll ever see of Alex and Jake? Will they end up coming back later in the season?


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  1. Think this was my fave episode so far, Allison! Ep4 really was a disappointment imo; disjointed and fractured, yet I know the Strand stuff was needed, it just didn’t slot in very well. But I liked re-reading thus reliving this episode via this recap. I haven’t actually seen the miniseries/youtube series FTWD has put up of the plane and its crash so maybe I should check that out for more background–from my understanding, is that where Jake’s popped up from? Eh–who knows–but eps1-3 were a really good setup. I’m hoping ep4 is a bit of a glitch (did you like it? perhaps I am too harsh on it–but I love the show). I’m loving (your fave!) Alicia’s growth this season–she’s growing into someone who can stand up and fend for herself. She’s rapidly becoming my favourite too. The scene where they are almost cornered by the hoard of zombies was actually terrifying. I challenge your best zombie kill with the last minute Nick one, when Alicia got stuck and he just appears–smothered in blood–but she still hugs him anyway. So emotional! But aye right on the money Allison, this is great!

    Re: Chris–I still don’t really get Ofelia’s point in this series (I love Mercedes but…) but Chris is showing some potential. I mean he had his mother killed at point-blank range; even if it was a mercy-kill it must sting. To have to promptly leave her and not really have time to mourn, I imagine he’s got a lot of pent-up anger. You could definitely see it in the way he kept smacking those zombies through the fence, and in the latest episode as well. I wonder if Chris will evolve into something that really needs controlling!

    Looking forward to your episode 4 review!

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