What’s in the Box? Fandom of the Month Edition

Fandom of the Month

What box is this?:

Fandom of the Month Club

Is there a theme?:

Yes. This month’s theme was Alice in Wonderland. As a blanket statement, I am not a huge Alice fan so I will give my opinion based on quality.

Alice Magnet


Top Hat Magnet

Estimated Value:

$2, maybe.

Would I personally buy this:

Probably not, but it’s a nice collectible.

Item:Alice Bag

Alice In Wonderland Bag



Would I personally buy this?:

Probably not the Alice version, but other fandoms, yes.

White Rabbit Cuff


White Rabbit Bracelet

Estimated Value:

$17.99, for the closest replica I could find here.

Would I personally buy this:

As a gift, yes. The intricate designs on the bracelet are very pretty.

Item:Tea Cup Ring

Tea Cup Ring


$14, again this was the closest I could find.

Would I personally buy this?:

No, even as a gift. I’m not a fan of big bulky rings, and even then this seems a little cheap.

Item:We're All Mad Here Earrings

‘We’re all Mad here’ Earrings

Estimated Value:

$5.78, yet again I couldn’t find the exact earrings but Etsy to the rescue, here!

Would I personally buy this?:

I would. They are very cute and I will probably be wearing them.

Item:Alice Neckalce

Alice Themed Necklace

Estimated Value:

$21.65, for this almost exactly the same.

Would I personally buy this item?:

Absolutely. I love the long necklace look and the charms are very cute.

Cost of the box:

$13 + Shipping

Total value of the box:

$60 approximately.

Did you get value for your money?:

Of course. I may only wear a couple of the items, but it’s still worth it to me. Plus I have a friend who is a big Alice In Wonderland fan and I now have a perfect gift.

Would I personally buy this box again?:

Absolutely. They send quality jewelry for a range of fandoms.

Where can I buy this box?:

Fandom of the Month Club Website

All photos were taken by me personally. If you use them please credit Talk Nerdy With Us.

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