Shadowhunters: Season Two Wishlist

Freeform released the news yesterday that their freshman supernatural show Shadowhunters would be back for another season via an adorable, intimate live Facebook chat with the cast and showrunners to the elation of show fans everywhere. The subject of renewal has been a nervous one considering the fate of an axed film franchise, but with the emotional security of having a confirmed second season to look forward to, it brings forth new excitement about where the story could veer next. With a series that is exploring new concepts around a story that most fans are already familiar with, and delving into parts even beyond that of the page, anything could happen.

But what do we want to see happen? Here’s a list, with love, from a humble Shadowhunters fan (spoilers ahead):

An Expansion On Character development

Season one has been pretty ruthless in throwing our favourites into the angst-blender, and it’s helped to flesh out bits and pieces of why they are who they are. Season two has the chance to pull back several more layers, and pending certain developments (Jocelyn’s comatose state, Magnus and Alec’s attraction to each other), we could see characters like Luke and Magnus become further involved within the Shadowhunters’ circle of drama. The opportunity to see these two in particular within their individual corners of Downworld would be a good way of expanding the Shadow World and giving more power to their own voices. And this girl is not going to object to more Harry Shum Jr. screen time, nooo.

More Lightwood Family Stuff

Alec and Isabelle are a powerful, intriguing presence on screen, but even more so when it comes to how they interact with the other members of their family. The parental unit of Maryse and Robert bring tension to the fold in how they try to keep their children on the straight and narrow, and the authority they wield in doing so causes some delicious conflict. Beyond that, Maryse and Robert have their own problems and their own history, and in exploring it, the show may pave a way for the family to better understand one another. Little Max has also made a couple of brief, adorable appearances so far, and his cheeky, mischievous nature brings some much needed fun to the Lightwood dynamic. Some good ol’ fashioned one-on-one family bonding moments would not go astray, and perhaps a few glimpses of how he views the world. His presence in the novels was short, enigmatic, and left many readers without a sense as to who he really was, and if things pan out for him in the show as they originally did, we’re going to need all the precious time with him that we can get.


The homeland of the Nephilim. We were treated to glimpses of Alicante, the capital city of Idris, in flashbacks during the sixth episode ‘Of Men And Angels’. Visiting Idris would open the story to more Clave politics and the exploration of Nephilim history, as well as introducing us to other Shadowhunter families.

The Battle Of Brocelind Plain

City of Glass, the third book in The Mortal Instruments series was my personal favorite due to the decent balance of pace, action, suspense and romantic developments. If the show is planning on introducing the City of Glass timeline next season, then the great Alliance battle of Brocelind Plain needs to have its place. As a result of a newly created rune that would enable a Shadowhunter and a Downworlder to share each other’s abilities in battle, the Werewolves, Warlocks and Vampires banded together with the Nephilim to take down the hordes of demons that were unleashing destruction on the city of Alicante. Last week’s taste of Shadowhunters working alongside Downworlders for the greater good was a well-placed prelude for it, so if it did happen, it wouldn’t be completely out of left field. It would also be one hell of a way to end the season.


The growth of the relationship between Isabelle and Simon was tucked away in the background of the books where no one could see, and even shared their first kiss off page, so getting to see it as it is explored will be a real treat for fans. Besides, at this point, Simon needs some happiness. Please give the guy some happiness.


If Magnus and Alec finally end up on the same page as we all hope they do, then next season may showcase this fan-favorite relationship as they begin to explore and get comfortable together. That means possible dates, and heartfelt moments that don’t leave Alec feeling rotten and Magnus saying goodbye. Just having the two of them hanging out and being boyfriends in Magnus’ apartment will be enough for this shipper. Happy sigh.


There will be trouble in Clace paradise by the finale, but a season two may work to fix those issues. To say that the road ahead for Jace and Clary is rocky would be a gross understatement, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, I hope the show commits to the trouble instead of briefly brushing against it and resolving everything within a few episodes. Television shows tend to do their best character work when a couple who are meant to be together can’t be together, and Clace is no exception. We’re all big kids here, we can handle it. Make it painful, make it tense, make it suck to be a Clace fan. By doing so, the show will make it all worth it.

Daylighter Simon

Let’s face it, there are a lot of characters currently that need a giant hug and a time out, and Simon would be one who definitely falls into that category. Giving Simon the ability to withstand sunlight would make the poor dude feel a little better, and it would cause some yummy conflict between him and his new Vamp pal Raphael. It would also pave the way for Simon and Jace to actually get along, because if you’re familiar with this particular story line from the books, then you’ll know how Simon came to be a Daylighter. That kind of moment has bro-bond written all over it. Yes please.

Introduction Of New Downworlders

Werewolves like Bat Velasquez and Maia Roberts, and the Seelie Queen herself are something the fans have been excited for since day one. Perhaps Magnus’ beloved blue Warlock bestie, Catarina Loss, may also make an appearance?

Sebastian Verlac

Ooooh boy. He’s probably the most anticipated character of the series and fans everywhere have been waiting for news of him. Will he turn up next season and charm us all against our better judgement? Let’s hope so!

More Valentine

Our villain has been sort of chilling out casually in the background over the course of the series, poking holes at the Shadowhunters’ safety with tiny needles like he has all day to do it. As the show sits right now, the stakes need to be drastically raised because he hasn’t actually been all that terrifying as a villain so far – he’ll probably take things up a few notches before the finale, but for next season I’d like to see him go full bad and cause as much devastation as possible. I want the characters to be scared, and I want to believe that the Shadowhunters don’t have a hope in hell of beating him. Alan Van Sprang has the acting chops to make it all happen. Let him go nuts, I say.

That Character Death We’d Rather Not Have

You know the one. Unpopular opinion: this particular character death in the book series was initially underwhelming in how intense it could have been, and yet grew like an infected sore until we were all wondering why it had to happen in the first place. It was a missed opportunity to really bring the pain, and drive the characters to the brink, but since Clary’s point of view was the lens in which we viewed the aftermath, it kind of made sense as to why it didn’t hit as hard. Another unpopular opinion: I want it to happen, and I want it to be brutal in how much grief it causes. I want tears and what-ifs and characters comforting each other through the pain. It would be a great chance to see the cast push the range of their emotional acting and see what they’re all made of. Either do it big, or don’t do it at all.



Do you have anything in particular that you want to see in season two? Comment below!

Shadowhunters airs tonight at 9pm/8c on Freeform, and Wednesdays internationally on Netflix.

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