How Much Longer Can How to Get Away with Murder Keep Going?


The season is over, but how much longer can How to Get Away with Murder keep getting away with murdering their plots? Each season’s plot line has gradually declined in quality, with the now-tiring tropes of students in legal trouble, murders galore, and of course, what would be a season of HTGAWM without Annalise Keating sobbing dramatically?

I found this season to be lackluster and somewhat boring. The flashback scenes of Annalise and company to the time when Wes’s mother was a witness in one of her trials and Annalise was pregnant seemed like they were written just to give Viola Davis more chances for another Emmy nod–or even another win. The same goes for the scenes set in present day, when she’s drinking away her problems or sobbing–yet again–over one thing or another.

Another problem with this season was the shuffling of the deck when it comes to romances and trysts. There were plenty of breakups and hookups, but they did nothing to add to the quality of the plot. Like Annalise’s crying, the plot lines seemed forced. Are the writers running out of ideas?

Ratings have also dropped this season as well, which does not bode well for its future.

I predict at least one more season, to tie up this season’s cliffhanger, but I’m not sure how much farther the writers can go before more viewers pick up on the recycled plot lines and tiring repetition.

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