Fandom Speaks: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Gets Crazy

unspecifiedThere were so many things that happened on last night’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that it seems to have left fans’ heads spinning. There was kissing, lawsuits, more kissing, lightbulbs going off over some people’s heads, singing, and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights as seen on Tumblr:

favorite moments

1) the whole???? trent story line??? all of it??
2) ‘hey nice job he’s way outta your league!’ ‘BACK OFF HE LOOKS LIKE TOM SELLECK’
3) greg……….my poor child……………………
4) that kiss tho


The highlight of that episode was White Josh during the Les Miserables number (although not as good as Friend Of Friend From Law School in I Have Friends).

Also Heather being too smart and badass to be someone’s 2nd place.








It sucks for Greg and Trent since they liked Rebeca, but idk what Greg was expecting? Like just because you’re ready to acknowledge and admit your feelings doesnt erase the fact that Rebecca loves someone else.

I’m kinda mad they interrupted the kiss to show him coming in too but its a bit refreshing too. A lot of the time shows forget to acknowledge how heartbreaking and painful unrequited love is when the other ship has a moment/ gets together, so this is nice.

Also yayyy for Jeryll.


I was so worried when they showed Greg acknowledge his feelings that they were going to cop out and give us GregBeck (which I’ve been terrified of since they went on their date and still am) and theres still the issue of whether Josh will actually break up with Valencia BUT I AM ECSTATIC RIGHT NOW.


I’m so, so proud of Darryl.

Like honestly if he hadn’t been ready in this episode I had a whole thing planned out that i was gonna say about how he cares so much about other people and that includes his daughter and ex-wife and he has to worry about their feelings as much as his

but it didn’t even matter because he dealt with his feelings and he was so brave. i’m just so proud


I was happy about the Rebecca and Josh kiss… until Greg broke my heart.


Please tell me that I’m not the only one who burst into tears at the end of tonight’s Crazy Ex Girlfriend


  • Just watched the latest episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It was fantastic! I loved the JAP rap battle and the Les Mis parody song. I’m happy that Greg realized he loves Rebecca, but sad she is still obsessed with Josh. Can’t wait for the next episode!


And here I’d like to note that had this show not gotten an order for a back five, this particular episode would have been the season finale. So buckle up for the last five of the season because it seems that we’re definitely in for a treat!

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