Bates Motel Season 3 Refresher Before the Season 4 Premiere

It’s March 7th! You know what that means? The Bates Motel is back in service, and it has indeed been a while.

Tonight is the Season 4 premiere!

In case you forgot what happened last season–and during that Season 3 finale cliffhanger, here are three reminders to make sure you’re up to date before tonight’s Season 4 premiere:

Dylan and Emma shared a kiss.

Does this mean we can finally give them a ship name? Dylemma? Emmalan? The two grew a little closer in Season 3 and were both starting to grow feelings for each other but pushed it aside for some reason. Dylan helped Emma a lot with her illness and during the finale fans found out that she has a lung transplant waiting for her. I am definitely wondering how their storyline will play out in Season 4.

Romero shoots Bob Paris at the pier and is now a richer man.

He does all of this because he’s protecting Norma Bates. Those two are full of angst with their complex relationship. One minute they’re hot for each other and the next they are yelling at each other. But there’s something between them alright! I’m hoping season 4 brings their complex relationship to a solid destination. Because honestly, Normero (their ship name) seem perfect for each other.

Norman attacks Bradley which leads to her death, but he has no idea that he’s a killer. Again.

Norman’s hallucinations escalated a lot last season and caused yet another person to lose their life. Norma’s effect on Norman has put him in many dangerous situations it’s like she’s engrained into his brain. As Bradley dies, he scolds his mother in his head saying, “Mother, what have you done?” Right after, Norman finds out Bradley is dead, he puts her into the trunk of the car as he lets it sink into the lake. He watches the car and body sink and imagines his mom right there beside him, comforting him and letting him know that they will never be apart.

Don’t miss the Season 4 premiere of Bates Motel tonight at 9/8c only on A&E

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