Undateable Season Finale Gave Fans Everything They Wanted And More

This past Friday marked the end of Undateable‘s third season. Season three was a special one as Undateable  became a live television show. Full of stand-up comedians and stage actors, live acting was not new to the cast, but made Undateable a sitcom in its own category. This season made fans fall in love with the series even more and brought new viewers who couldn’t help but stick around. The season finale had all the characteristics that made season three fun and unique, making it the perfect ending for its fans.

Live Music. Season three brought not only live acting but live music. With big names including Meghan Trainor, Andrew McMahon, Weezer, and more, viewers came to expect a fun concert as well as a television show. The season finale was no different. Undateable delivered one of the biggest names in music ever with the Backstreet Boys. The series stepped up its game though, with having the Backstreet Boys perform a couple of songs as part of the plot of the episode. Only Justin could get away with proposing to his girlfriend by singing along with the Backstreet Boys, but every fan knows it was perfect. And, only Justin and Danny could rock a montage live, made even more perfect with “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely” sung in the background. I’m considering a beginning a Kickstarter campaign to get the Backstreet Boys to be the soundtrack for every episode of Undateable. Who’s with me?

justin proposes

Hilarious Supporting Characters. The finale also brought back two old faces that the characters hated but the fans couldn’t help but love. Candace’s ex-boyfriend Trent and Justin and Danny’s neighbor Kevin were back in this episode and as hilarious as ever as ridiculous male strippers. It takes a lot of confidence to dance shirtless on live TV and, especially, to wear a thong (I’m looking at you, Rory Scovel), but these guys rocked it and reminded us just why we loved having them on the show in the first place. Adam Hagenbuch nails arrogant idiot and the most awkward make-out session of all time with Whitney Cummings. I don’t care how far-fetched you have to make the story, please bring Trent back as often as possible. While I would have loved a thumb war or a karate fight, Kevin in that ridiculous denim vest and cutoffs was a welcome face. Thank goodness he didn’t have to open any doors. New viewers of the show may have thought these two were funny, but long-term fans rejoiced at the sight of these beloved antagonists.

Plays up the live factor. One of my favorite things about Undateable being live is that the cast and crew are not afraid to play up the fact that it is live. Whether they tell jokes about news topics from the week, spoil the endings of other television shows like Empire and Making a Murderer, refer to an actor’s previous work, or even ask for a season four, they took advantage of being live, making their show even more hilarious and original. The season finale was no different. With live flashbacks of Justin and Danny, we had Brent Morin and Chris D’Elia having to run from set to set in seconds and viewers laughed out loud at Justin getting stuck in his sweater while trying to put it back on. The cast and crew realize that live flashback is an oxymoron, but they enjoy it and laugh with us as Brent and Chris do their best to make it happen. And, if you didn’t catch it, Justin and Candace may be getting married in the summer or fall, but just not this season.

Justin stuck in sweater

Guest Stars. Season three was also known for its guest stars. Favorite guest star of the show is “TV’s Scott Foley.” Earlier in the season he talked about being there when Felicity cut her hair and with every appearance we see Justin hoping to be his best friend. In the finale he showed up (in what I think was a surprise for Brent Morin) because he thought he was Justin’s best friend, not Danny. As usual, he was hilarious and I am pretty sure I will never refer to him as “Scott Foley” again. He is forever “TV’s Scott Foley” and I hope there’s a chance for one of the characters to get lost in his blue eyes again in the future.

Scott Foley

A Fantastic Cast. Not only is the Undateable cast talented, but they love what they do and they love this show. It shows in the way they crack each other up during the show (which a live show allows us to see) and do their best to surprise each other during live episodes. Every time I watch Undateable I spend half the episode thinking about how much fun the cast looks like they are having and the season finale was no different. Whether it was having a door slamming fight, pretending to be in a music video montage, or telling fellow actors what to do in a live flashback, the cast enjoyed themselves for the entire hour and that is just one more reason why people love watching this series.

cast hug


Did I mention that Justin and Candace got engaged? BECAUSE THEY DID! And the entire fandom cheered. Season 4, please, NBC!

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