MCM Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio

As with most people my age *cough* 30-ish-something *cough*, my crush on Leo began back in the 80s when he was on Growing Pains. He was a scrawny thing, much like most of his fans, but it was nice to grow up with someone who resembled me (blonde hair, blue-eyed).

Nowadays, Leo is a freaking Oscar winner! I mean geez, how long did it take? I know a lot of people were ready to riot if he didn’t win this year, so thank goodness he did!

I have to say, my favorite DiCaprio movie is most definitely Inception, and not *just* because it has Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I agree with a lot of people though in that he should have won an Oscar for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Because lemme tell ya, that movie was golden. Every actor in that film had their work cut out for them and they all delivered.

And, of course, I can’t forget about Titanic, the movie that skyrocketed Leo to crush-dom. I’m pretty sure after it came out, every girl I went to school with automatically fell in love with him. I’m still not over the fact that there was PLENTY of room on that door at the end for him to share with Rose.

Some other known roles: Catch Me If You Can (LOVED IT), Django Unchained (how creepy he was!), and The Great Gatsby (sorry, but Robert Redford will always be Gatsby to me).

I know I left some out, but please let me know your favorite! And don’t forget to follow Leo on Twitter

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