Hayley Atwell Cast in ABC Pilot Conviction

The star of Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ has been cast in the latest ABC pilot ‘Conviction’. Hayley Atwell is mostly known for her role as Agent Peggy Carter in the Marvel Universe and can be seen as Ella’s Mother in the latest adaptation of Cinderella.

Hayley Atwell

Many people are concerned that this would mean Atwell is done playing our favorite SSR agent, but Variety reports that if ‘Agent Carter’ is renewed for a third season her schedule will be worked out to accommodate both shows.

Atell will star in ‘Conviction’, the latest law drama pilot. The show will focus on a newly minted Conviction Integrity Unit, that focuses on cases where there is credible suspicion that the wrong person was convicted of a crime. Atwell will play Carter Morrison, a rebellious former president’s daughter who is blackmailed into running this new group of lawyers, investigators and forensic experts.

Hayley Atwell

This is all very exciting, but my main question is this. Will Ms. Atwell be keeping her gorgeous British accent??


  1. The title says NBC but the article says ABC…completely different channels. Don’t know how that didn’t get proof read.

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