Fandom Speaks: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Finding Itself or Over the Top?

Fans seem to be divided on the latest episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. There are many ways in which the show breaks molds in trying to reach its audience. The question is: Is it working?

Let’s see what fans on Tumblr have to say.

I really can’t figure out what Crazy Ex Girlfriend’s deal is, like, as a show. Cause obviously they’re trying to be socially aware and call shit out a lot but at least half the time they fail miserably at it, and meanwhile I’m not sure if Rebecca is being exaggerated on purpose into this total pathological liar sociopath stalker who genuinely should not be in any romantic relationship at all until she’s had like 2 years of intensive therapy (and probably some medication), or if that’s just being done for comedic effect and we’re supposed to go “haha she’s so nutty with her schemes, this isn’t at all super creepy and messed up!”…

I want to like it, because musical comedies are my jam and they are far too rare, but it’s so jarring and unsettling to not know what a show is even trying to do or be, and to be cheering one moment and going “omg wtf no stop what is wrong with you” the next.


Okay but this is officially my favorite episode because a) parody of my favorite ever musical b) greg and valencia in cahoots being adorably awful spies c) every last thing with darryl oh man and of course d) Window Washer Gossip Fridays!


  1. What? What are you doing Greg? I love him. He’s cynical like me. But still. I know you’re protecting Josh, but keep trying to talk to Josh, not Valencia. Valencia already has suspicions. Which are correct, but Josh is who you should be talking to!

    Also, all those babies were so cute!?

    Edit: “Scheming behind my back with Valencia!” Exactly.

    “We’re just not interested.” So many layers to what Valencia said. Obviously.

    That second song, though. This show is golden.

  2. I love that talk with white Josh and Darryl. They talked about how you don’t have to look gay to be gay. Or act gay to be gay. Also, it’s great that white Josh made a point of saying “I’m gay, I don’t need to say it. You don’t say you’re straight.” Which is so true.

    I love this show so much more than before. And I already loved it.

  3. They brought back whitewhite, joshfeather? I’m so happy.

    Paula is such a mastermind.

    I’m so happy that Darryl is pursuing a relationship with white Josh.

    As always I love the songs in this show. I think Rebecca looked like Shakira. Only my thoughts.

    Poor Rebecca, but having that picture taken as well as all the other customers who went over $600, hilarious. 🙂


So, how did YOU feel about last night’s episode? Sound off in the comments below!


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