What’s in Store for Felicity Smoak?

We’re less than two weeks away until Arrow returns with its winter premiere. After that fall finale left us all breathless when Felicity Smoak was shot and wounded, left unconscious in the arms of Oliver. It was truly heartbreaking to watch, as moments before they just got engaged.

With the promo we’ve received, we know that Felicity isn’t dead (still feeling angst on who’s in the grave, but we’ll get back to that another time) and we know that Oliver rushes her to the hospital in the hopes of her recovering. We also know that she’s out of surgery, but we don’t quite know if she’s fully recovered and/or if there were complications. OH MAN!


As the seasons of Arrow have progressed, we’ve seen Felicity as the heart of team arrow. She’s a vital contributor to saving the city. But we haven’t really gotten the chance to see a Felicity centered story arc. Maybe now will be the time? Maybe the focus will shift onto her? Maybe we’ll get an insight on how she’s coping with this injury, her reactions to her surroundings and how this may affect her relationship with Oliver.

What will this horrific incident mean for Olicity? We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess. Oliver and Felicity have faced many obstacles together. They’ve experienced sorrow, frustration and joy together. But, I think now, after the shooting, they will be stronger than ever. Oliver will be her light and he will be there for her like she’s always been there for him.

As Felicity said:


Check out the “Revenge” Promo here, if you haven’t already:


Don’t miss the return of Arrow, Wednesday, January 20th at 8pm/7c only on The CW!

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