Top 5 Moments From Supergirl Episode 1×11 “Strange Visitor From Another Planet”

This week’s episode of Supergirl involved a heavy emphasis on family and how genetics don’t always have to define who those family members are. We also get a sneak preview of who (or what) Kara’s next big threat will be.

WARNING: Spoilers from this week’s episode of Supergirl will be shared in this article. Do not read further if you have not watched.


There’s Nothing More Important Than Family: There was a new threat in this week’s episode and it involved a gruesome past with J’onn J’onzz. J’onn shared his ultimate regret in life; he lost his planet and most importantly his family to the White Martians. They became an unstoppable force for J’onn and the rest of the Green Martians and it was a force they couldn’t escape. For J’onn, his survival was a betrayal to his family because he was able to make it out alive while others he cared for perished.

Alex said it best when she told J’onn that there was no shame in surviving. However, when battling the White Martian that had made it’s way to Earth, J’onn was ready for defeat/revenge, but Kara made him realize that if he gave in to that revenge he would be acting out of hate and not justice. Justice for his family would be not letting the Martian win by proving that their kind is not a violent species meant to cause destruction.

J’onn proved himself and held the Martian captive instead. Exemplifying true heroism by not acting out with dark intentions. J’onn is making his survival count by protecting those he has now grown to care for. Alex and Kara are the daughters that he regrets losing. It would seem that an unexpected family is forming between J’onn, Kara, and Alex, which makes it all the more special.


Adam and Cat: As mentioned in a previous episode Cat’s greatest regret was not being there for her oldest son Adam. Adam had come from a short-lived relationship from Cat’s past and Cat had to make the most difficult decision, which was to believe that somehow Adam would be better off without her. Cat was creating her business and trying to make a name for herself. However, she always cared for her son and she exemplified that in her way of supporting him (financially) through the years. Now, of course, there is so much more to parenting than the mere financial aspects, but through Cat’s decisions she couldn’t be apart of Adam’s life any other way. Many years had gone by and Cat regretted not having those special memories that a parent can make with their child. Enter Kara being the superhero that she is and oh so sneakily making sure that Cat and Adam would get a reunion.

When the first reunion didn’t work out so well their second made all the difference. With Kara’s help, Cat and Adam’s reunion was quite moving and showed the love that a parent has for their child. Cat expressed deep regret and longing that only a parent would have about not being a constant presence in their child’s life, especially if that child was their first born. The first moments that a parent has with their child can’t be remade but Cat has always been proud of her son. Adam expressed his longing as well and he told Cat how much he missed her. That felt like a new chapter was being made. With Supergirl being so heavily based on the theme of family it’s nice to bring in a storyline from a character like Cat who can be a tough as nails, but can still hold so much of herself back emotionally. Going forward it will be nice to see how Cat and Adam will progress and how they can begin to heal and achieve that family bond.

Supergirl 1x11

Kara and Adam Potential: New ship on the rise? Well it looks like Kara has a date and it happens to be with none other than Cat’s son, Adam (who is played by Blake Jenner AKA Melissa Benoist real life husband!!!). Kara has always expressed how she never feels like she will get to live a normal life. She has always felt unsure that she’ll be able to live out human experiences like dating, now it seems like Kara will be getting to have that experience. Words cannot express how adorable Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner were in this episode. Their chemistry as Kara and Adam was the perfect amount of awkward and cute. I had the biggest grin on my face well after the episode was over. How Kara will deal with her newfound dating adventure along with saving the world will be challenging, but she’s battled aliens so dating shouldn’t be too hard right?

Supergirl 1x11

More White Martians?: What’s an episode of Supergirl without suspense? With the defeat and capture of the White Martian it would seem that this particular Martian doesn’t like losing. The White Martian made the threat of his (or her) people coming to Earth and letting destruction come with them. There are in fact thousands of White Martians out there so how does Kara respond to this threat? Well, by making darn sure that she is not afraid and will not back down when the time comes. (Oh boy).

Supergirl 1x11

Kara’s Bizarro: If you were missing Maxwell this episode do not worry. It looks like he will be appearing in next Monday’s episode along with a woman who looks an awful lot like Kara. It looks like Maxwell is taking on the role of Doctor Frankenstein and his monster is finally awake. How Kara will defeat this new foe will be the next question considering she is ultimately batting herself but with more aggressive qualities. I am waiting with great anticipation to see this Bizarro storyline.

Supergirl airs Monday nights at 8/7c on CBS.


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