The Christopher Brothers Release New Song in Anticipation of “Dog Daze”

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It’s been three years since The Christopher Brothers made an impact on X-Factor with their original song “Smile.” Now, in preparation for their upcoming album Dog Daze, The Christopher Brothers have joined together with Girls’ Life to debut their new single “Into You.”

“The song was inspired by a day at Disneyland with a girl I admired. The whole day felt ethereal, and I decided to write a song about being so in love that everything was spinning, but even through all that was happening, the world would stop when I looked at her,” said drummer Cameron Christopher of the inspiration behind the track. “I believe it’s a song that people can really relate too. Especially that feeling of being so in love that nothing else matters, just the other person.”

At only 19, 17, and 14, Cameron, Charles, and Ethan Christopher have performed extensively throughout the US. Dog Daze will be released February 12, showcasing the teen band’s songwriting prowess as well as a cover of Blind Melon’s “No Rain.”

Dog Daze is available for preorder now on “Into You” can be heard now over at Girls’ Life.


  1. The Girl Next Door
  2. Let Me Out
  3. OCD
  4. Somebody Just Like You
  5. Windmill
  6. When You Turn Around
  7. Into You
  8. Ariana
  9. No Rain


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