Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards (January 17th-23rd)

Hello again, lovelies. Now that almost all of our TV shows have returned to our screens, we can go back to having fuller lists. Huzzah!


BEST ONE-LINER: legends of tomorrow

“we go out for one lousy drink and you guys manage to pick a fight with boba fett?” – Leonard Snart

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.06.05 PM

This week in TV has been very funny. There were quite a few one-liners to choose from, but this one was pretty hilarious. Leonard Snart has been sporting his signature snark since he first graced our screens in The Flash, and it’s wonderful to know that this will continue on in Legends of Tomorrow. The episode itself had quite a few funny quips. This particular instance happens when Sara, Leonard, and Mick go out to get weird in the 70’s after Rip and co. leave them behind during their first mission. When these three return, they walk (drive) straight into the rest of the team’s fight with Kronos, who has been sent by the Council of Time Masters to stop Rip. Whew!

Honorable Mention: Reign (“Quickly before the building collapses under the weight of my misfortunes” -Mary)


clarke griffin

Oh, how I have missed this show. It feels like ages since the second season finale aired, and we are finally back on air! The 100 has its share of REALLY badass characters, and its had them since day one. To pick one from all of these amazing people is quite a feat, but when one of them fights a live panther in the wild with only a knife on her person and lives to tell the tale? Yeah, you kind of have to pick her. Clarke Griffin has been an amazing and well-rounded character since the pilot, and she has been a fierce and strong girl since long before. Over the months spent on the ground, our beloved sky princess has been through the ringer and as a result become hardened and a little broken. Massacring hundreds of people over and over again will do that to ya, kids. In the premiere, we see Clarke, who had said a tearful goodbye to her family and friends at the end of last season to go off on her own, hunting a panther while sporting a redhead and a fearsome expression. It is later revealed that she is using these hunts to trade in for cooked food and is wearing her hair red to hide her infamous “Wanheda” identity from bounty hunters sent out by the Ice Queen. What makes the scene even better is that the filming crew used a real life panther to film this scene. Man, when this show goes hard, it really goes all the way.

most lovable CHARACTER: the shadowhunters

simon Lewis


The new Freeform adaptation of The Mortal Instruments series is full of intriguing characters. Simon Lewis is probably the one that, along with protagonist Clary Fray, stands in for the audience as the show introduces the new world of Shadowhunters, downworlders and demons to us. Simon is Clary’s best friend and is referred to as a “Mundane” by the shadowhunters. He’s adorable and really funny and genuinely cares for Clary, which leads him to accidentally follow her into the newfound craziness in her world. Plus with those looks, a soothing voice and witty one-liners, what’s not to love?




A.L.I.E., the AI hologram, was introduced to us in the season 2 finale when Jaha found a modern-looking house in his search of the City of Light. By now, we have learnt that she was created by a woman named Becca (who she takes her appearance after) and ended up destroying the world a hundred years ago. Presumably, she wants to repeat history now that she has found Jaha. How exactly is she going to do that? Well, your guess is as good as mine. But whatever plans she has in store, it is very easy to say that A.L.I.E. is shady as hell. She seems to know things that she shouldn’t know, and has a way of having things turn out in her favor. It’s really quite ominous. As we learn more about the City of Light, hopefully some of the shade surrounding her is illuminated as well.

best dressed: THE shadowhunters

isabelle lightwood


Isabelle Lightwood is badass and beautiful, and on top of that, she can make any outfit look good! We saw the brunette beauty in many different outfits so far, and while one of them got a disapproving look from her older brother, they all looked equally gorgeous and badass on her.


clarke finds comfort in niylah

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.11.25 PM

Clarke Griffin has been through the ringer ever since her father first got captured by the Council on the Ark. It has been one thing after another for our badass blonde heroine, and unfortunately a lot of it has involved killing (and sometimes just straight up mass murdering) people just to survive. No one can go through such ordeals and stay in a healthy head space, so it only made sense when Clarke split off from the group and went off on her own in the wilderness to find herself again. When we find her again three months later in the premiere, Clarke seems to still be in an unhealthy mental state. Then, she revisits a trade post to exchange her recent hunt with cooked food, and that’s where we meet Niylah. After bounty hunters pay the trade post a visit in search of ‘Wanheda’ and Niylah covers for Clarke, she convinces Clarke to stay until the coast is clear for her to leave. Niylah, who is thankful to Clarke for having ended the reaping by killing the Mountain Men, cleans Clarke’s wounds from her Panther battle. It is clear that Clarke has not had any real, compassionate human interaction in months and the kindness Niylah shows her is much-needed. This tender moment between the two leads Clarke to seek more human contact and much-needed comfort from her, which leads us to possibly one of the steamiest scenes in the history of The CW. What Clarke and Niylah share is not a cute, romantic moment. It is a hungry and carnal affair filled with desire and need for both, and if you were about to watch the scene, I would suggest keeping a fan handy because boy did it get hot in there.


oliver visits felicity in the hospital

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.14.31 PM

Arrow’s midseason finale left quite a few of us screaming when Felicity seemed to have gotten shot in the limo by Darhk’s men after getting engaged to Oliver. That shocking cliffhanger was resolved in this episode as we saw Felicity go through surgery after surgery only to learn that she will no longer have use of her legs due to a spinal injury. The full emotional force of the revelation hits when Oliver finally visits Felicity after spending much of the day punching bad guys to find a way to kill Darhk. We have been shown time and again that Oliver has trouble handling his feelings, so it was no surprise when Oliver avoided visiting Felicity and chose to punch people instead. Of course, when you have recently been through a serious physical and emotional trauma that ends in you losing the ability to walk and your fiancé is nowhere to be found, it is easy to get disheartened and assume painful things. So, when Oliver finally makes his way to see Felicity, she lets him know that they never exchanged vows so ‘for better or for worse’ doesn’t apply in this situation, and he is free to leave her and end their relationship. That moment was probably one of the most heartbreaking and emotional moments in television history. I still get painful knots in my stomach just thinking about it, and the credit for that goes to Emily Bett Rickards’ masterful delivery. In that moment, Felicity’s doubts and vulnerabilities are so impeccably visible that they tug deeply at your heartstrings. Oliver’s response makes the scene even more emotional (in a more happy way) when he puts the ring back on her and reassures her that he’ll be with her for better or for worse. This scene is why Oliver and Felicity have one of the most powerful and healthy relationships on TV, and why they work so perfectly together. And, no, that’s not tears streaming down my face, you’re seeing things.

most heartbreaking moment: heroes reborn

noah sacrifices himself

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.15.59 PM

Heroes Reborn ended its miniseries run this week, and the ending was equal parts awesome and bittersweet. The H.E.L.E. is finally here and the solar flares are ready to destroy the earth while Malina tries desperately to stop it on her own. Her twin, Tommy, finally makes it there to her side to help her and attempt to fulfill the prophecy of the two of them saving the world. However, they soon learn that the only way the two can stop the solar flares are if they have a conduit, a third person in between them to absorb their combined power. The only catch? The conduit would be killed by the power. After time-travelling back and forth many times, Tommy realizes that this is their only choice and goes back in time to save Noah Bennett from a deadly accident. Noah agrees to be the conduit and sacrifices himself in order to save the world. IT was heartbreaking to see our favorite morally gray hero’s journey come to an end after all this time, and Malina’s heart wrenching cries made it even sadder. Goodbye, HRG. May you find peace in the afterlife and get to hang out with your Claire Bear.

Honorable Mention: The Flash (Patty breaks up with Barry)

most heartwarming moment: THE 100

BELLaMy and co. sing in the jeep ride

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.18.27 PM

It is so rare to see our favorite delinquents smile ever since crap hit the fan in the early days of season 1, so it is always heartwarming to see them act like kids and smile. The premiere indulged us by giving us an awesome jeep vs. horse race between Raven and Octavia, followed by Raven, Jasper, Monty, Miller, and Bellamy singing along to “Add It Up” by Violet Femmes and having a good time. It was so nice to just see them all smile after all this time, and it really showed us how good the past three months have been to our favorite characters. Of course, we can’t say the same about Clarke, but hey she’s dealing with things in her own way.


mary and gideon fake-date

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.21.28 PM

I have to admit, when the show first introduced the “Gideon will seduce Mary” plot, I was not a fan. The idea was highly redundant considering that Louis had already sort of done that in the past, not to mention it was absurd considering that Mary had just lost her beloved husband. However, as it played out in this episode, I grew to really appreciate it. Instead of going the way of treacherous seduction, the show went into fake-dating land and made the situation far more entertaining. Mary intercepts some of Gideon’s letters and discovers that Elizabeth has instructed him to seduce Mary. She confronts him about it and suggests that they put on a show for Elizabeth’s benefit and make her believe he has succeeded. Mary sets up a fake-date for the two in her balcony where Gideon’s assistant (Elizabeth’s spy) can see them. The evening is made comical by Mary’s grumpiness about the state of her life and Gideon’s snarky remarks. Right as Mary is talking about her misfortunes, it starts to rain and their entire fake-date gets ruined, which only leads to more grumpiness on Mary’s part and amusement on Gideon’s. They manage to salvage some of the opportunity when they find a window and kiss by it so that the spy can spot them.

biggest plot-twist: supernatural

cas is lucifer


After Sam accidentally got himself trapped in a cage in hell with Lucifer, Dean and Crowley have to find creative ways to get him out. While Crowley forces his mother to undo her spell and put Lucifer back in his cage, Dean and Cas also accidentally get trapped into the cage by Lucifer. This leads to an equal parts awesome and scary cage fight between the trio and Lucifer. Lucifer is trying very hard to get Sam to agree to be used as a vessel by Lucifer. Sam is hellbent (haha) on not allowing this to happen. While Lucifer has a chokehold on Cas and is presumably about to kill him, Rowena’s spell works and he is taken back to the cage. Everyone is happy and Sam and Dean set off while Cas stays behind. When Cas comes back to see Crowley and Rowena, however, it is revealed that it is actually Lucifer in Cas’s vessel because Cas allowed him to enter the vessel seconds before the spell would have casted him out. I have to say, that is probably the biggest shocker moment the show has had since the revelation of Demon!Dean.

Honorable Mention: Shadowhunters (Simon is kidnapped)


CLAUDE and leith and cute kisses, oh my!

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.21.47 PM

I know, I know. Week after week, these two keep snagging this category. Unfortunately, Reign is going on an indefinite hiatus which means no more Cleith cuteness for me for a while. Sigh. This episode, we saw Claude get unwillingly married off to a rich royal who was not a very nice man. Right after they arrive at his estate, he scolds Claude for embarrassing him by making him wait and then proceeds to hit her. Claude, who had been taking self-defense lessons from Leith, gets back up and returns his violence ten fold by punching him repeatedly. When she is returned to the castle, her marriage is annulled by her brother. Leith comes to visit her and the two share a lovely moment where Claude thanks him for teaching her self-defense. Then, Leith kisses her lips, which makes her wince since she has a split lip from the altercation. He proceeds to kiss the rest of her face instead and the sweetness of the scene could have made anyone watching diabetic. Of course, there’s also the fact that Leith promises he will raise his station until he is fit to marry a princess and then the can be together forever. Aw. I’m gonna miss these two on my screen!

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add! We will see you next week with more Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards! 

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