Six Burning Questions I Need Answered After That HTGAWM Winter Finale

*Warning: this post contains spoilers from the winter finale. 

There’s no denying that How to Get Away with Murder’s suspense, intrigue and shock value is through the roof! Season 3’s winter finale hit harder than most people expected even for those who saw it coming, like myself.

On a show like HTGAWM, so many questions will linger through your mind until the show comes back from its hiatus. Here are the questions I was left with.


Who killed Wes?!

An obvious one, of course. The season finale proved two things. The first, it was indeed Wes under the sheets after Annalise’s house burned into flames. Second, the autopsy showed that he was already dead before Annalise’s house burned down. Someone killed him and made it seem like he died in that house to pin it on Annalise. Now heads are turning to figure out who was behind his murder and wondering why they staged it!

Laurel is pregnant; is it Wes’ baby?

With the flashbacks, we find out that Laurel is pregnant. Laurel and Wes have been seeing each other, AND she’s pregnant. Now that Wes is dead  I’m curious how this will pan out for Laurel’s storyline. Will she raise the baby on her own? Will she keep it?

How will Annalise overcome the loss of Wes?

This season has been a tough one for Annalise with her increased drinking, losing her license to practice law, and dealing with what Frank did to her in the past and struggling to see him like she used to. We continued to see Annalise in her most vulnerable and harsh moments. Now that Wes is gone, the person she decided to protect is no longer alive. This will break her even more, and I’m afraid of what’s to come.

What’s next for Michaela, Connor, Asher and Laurel?

It will no longer be the Keating 5. They lost one of their own, and I’m not sure how they will move on from this. They’ve been through so much together already…can’t they just finish law school in peace?!

Who started that explosion in Annalise’s house?!

Nate went into the house to check up on Annalise before anyone else arrived and went upstairs looking for her. Just moments after, Laurels shows up tipsy after receiving the call from Annalise wanting her and the rest of the gang to meet her at the house. She goes in alone and boom, the house explodes. How was Laurel hurt, but Nate wasn’t? Weren’t they both in the house at the same time?

How will Frank’s redemption move him forward?

This season, we learn a lot more about Frank, how he was in jail before, and his past as a whole. However, when he wanted to seek forgiveness from Annalise, he took matters into his own hands by pointing the gun at himself. To make matters worse, Annalise encouraged him to do it, while Bonnie stood there persuading him not to. That was a side of Frank we hadn’t seen. I’m hoping it gets better for him in the following episodes to come.

Hot To Get Away With Murder returns tonight January 26th at 10/9c only on ABC!

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