Ship Wars: Younger

One of the most talked about new shows of 2015 was TV Land’s Younger. Tonight, season two premieres with much excitement and acclaim. Season one gave viewers several different couples to enjoy, with both Liza and Kelsey having a couple of options. Today we’re talking Liza! Which ship are you excited for or hope to see more of in season 2? Let us know in the poll below! Do you ship:

Liza and Josh– This is perhaps the obvious relationship for Liza, as they have expressed serious feelings for each other and viewers got to watch their relationship grow over season one. The chemistry was instant between the two and fans everywhere seem to love them, but will the age difference become an issue in season two? Only time will tell.

younger liza and josh


Liza and Charles– Charles is someone Liza could actually be herself with, him being one of the few people in her life that is actually her age. The connection between the two is obvious to viewers and Liza’s ability to relax around him may be just what she needs when the rest of her life is so stressful. Between the feelings Liza has for Josh and her boss Diana has for Charles, is this ship doomed before it even really gets to start?

younger liza and charles

Vote for your favorite ship and be sure to check out Younger on Wednesday nights at 10 pm on TV Land!

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