Roundtable Discussion on Supernatural 11×11 “Into the Mystic”

This week we’re discussing episode 11×11 “Into the Mystic”, which was written by Robbie Thompson. For this roundtable we have Michele Villery, Jackie Bojarski, Debbi Bach, Tracy Miller and Stacy Miller. As always, we encourage your feedback! Leave some comments at the bottom and join us in the discussion!
Here are the topics!

Michele: I don’t like this storyline at all. In my opinion, it was selfish for Cas to do what he did. I know he wants to defeat Amara and thus helping the boys out, but let’s be honest, Cas made things 1000x worse. Lucifer now knows everything Cas knows about the boys. He knows where they live, he knows what’s happened since he’s been in The Cage and most importantly, he knows how to get to Sam and everyone, which was the ultimate goal for Lucifer.

Besides killing that angel in an epic kill, one of the first things Casifer did was go to the Bunker. Since Dean hasn’t spent as much time with Lucifer as Sam, he couldn’t pinpoint what was wrong with his friend, but knew something was up. What’s scary is that Dean told Casifer about his bond with Amara. I have a sinking feeling that Lucifer will use that against the boys when he is backed into a corner. This is Misha’s second outing in the role, so he’s still finding his way. Kudos to him for tackling SPN’s most vicious and popular villain. He’s got some tough shoes to fill.

Stacy: This storyline doesn’t work for me. However, it’s a great idea from a writer’s standpoint to have Lucifer infiltrate Sam and Dean’s ranks Trojan Horse style, wearing the face of a friend. He can get information from the Winchesters that will aid him in his campaign against Amara. But until “Into the Mystic” I didn’t know what it was that bothered me. I realized that Misha is playing Lucifer like Castiel from “Meet the New Boss”. I know it can’t be easy capturing the nuances of Mark Pellegrino so I can sympathize. Maybe Misha Collins’ Lucifer portrayal with grow on me in time.

Tracy: I’m still a bit apprehensive about whether this ingredient in the overall plot will contribute to the success of the final recipe. Lucifer wearing Castiel’s skin enables him to be privy to the Winchesters in a frightening way. He can access the Men of Letters bunker and establish himself as the boys’ confidant. Could Lucifer in Castiel’s meatsuit be brewing a scheme to somehow persuade Sam to consent to become the Devil’s vessel? Possessing Castiel, perhaps, is a way station for Lucifer’s final destination of possessing Sam.

Jackie: We didn’t get to see a lot of Casifer in this ep, but the scenes that we did see don’t bode well for the Winchester brothers. Now that Lucifer knows that Dean and Amara are bonded to one another, I suspect that he’s going to use Dean in some way to hurt Amara. I can only hope that they figure out soon that Lucifer has taken over Cas.

Debbi: He’s definitely Casifer at this time. I don’t believe that Luci is currently allowing Cas any control of their shared vessel right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Cas can’t take control if/when the situation warrants it. I do believe that Luci has some of the knowledge necessary to put Amara back into lock down, but does he have it all and just what is he looking for in the MOL bunker? Lucifer loose with all that arcane knowledge kinda creeps me out!

All that said, Misha is doing a good job portraying Lucifer and continues to provide chills with his dead on mirroring of Pellegrino’s Lucifer mannerisms. Bravo Misha!



Michele: I loved Sam in this episode so much. Jared was amazing as always. Haunted by Lucifer’s actions in The Cage, Sam was still feeling guilty for not looking for Dean while he was in Purgatory in S8. (Although, we did learn that it appeared Sam did look, but stopped). He was so haunted that he didn’t leave the bunker for a few days until this current case. It was what the doctor ordered. Not only did he find a friend in Eileen, but he got forgiveness and encouragement from Dean. I just hope Sam can now forgive himself.

Stacy: We got to see Sam face his feelings from Lucifer taking him on the “This is your life, Sam Winchester” tour. Sam’s nightmares indicated that he is plagued by his many mistakes, in particular letting Dean down by failing to go look for him when Dean was trapped in Purgatory. Even though he tried to convince himself that giving up hunting and going to build a life with Amelia was the right thing for him to do, deep down, Sam harbored guilt. It was great seeing him finally addressing that guilt.

Tracy: I LOVED Sam in this episode. In the previous episode, The Devil in the Details, we witnessed him demonstrate the inner strength to resist Lucifer’s machinations to become the Devil’s vessel. But that doesn’t mean that the psychological torture was entirely ineffective. Sam continues to be plagued by guilt because of his failure to look for Dean when his brother was in Purgatory.

I thought Sam’s interaction with Eileen was wonderful. Eileen is a kindred spirit initiated into the world of heartache by the banshee killing her parents. Like Sam, she sought a normal life even pondered attending law school. But she bears the scars of a tragedy which may have, arguably, awaken her heroic attributes. Sam can relate to her on a deeper level than he has with the other women in his life.

Jackie: I loved every Sam scene in this episode, from start to finish. We got to see so much of Sam’s emotional point of view in the aftermath of his entrapment with Lucifer that I feel like we were spoiled. Obviously, Sam didn’t come out of his recent close encounter with Lucifer unscathed, so it was nice to see him open up to Dean about his feelings. It was also nice to see the brothers have a heart-to-heart at the end regarding Sam’s guilt over not looking for Dean. I’m so glad that Dean forgave Sam and can only hope that Sam forgives himself.

I also loved every scene with him and Eileen. Sam was so kind and sweet to her; it honestly reminded me of the Sam from the early years. And, now that we know she’s a hunter, I expect that we’ll see more of her!

Debbi: Love, love, love Sam’s admission of guilt over leaving Dean in Purgatory so long. Padalecki was right on the money with his tone and expression as Sam apologized to Dean and while this is probably digging a little too deeply, it could be said that this guilt was part of what was standing between the brothers over the last couple of seasons. Hopefully this ‘broment’ will go far to finish the healing of the rift between them.

Sam’s interaction with Eileen was sweet and a great reminder of just how kind and gentle Sam can be when he needs to be. Again, digging perhaps a little too deeply, finding out that Eileen (another MOL legacy) is alone without any family connections, could have been part of the impetus for Sam’s apology. It’s easy to take family for granted and a reminder now and then that not everyone has a family they can count on is important for anyone.

It is intriguing to me that Sam included the assisted living brochure in his box of keepsakes and I loved that the faux Samulet is in the box.


Supernatural -- "Into The Mystic" -- Image SN1111B_0157.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Jensen Ackles as Dean and Dee Wallace as Mildred Harper -- Photo: Liane Hentscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Michele: Dean had a lot of great moments in this. Jensen is so effortless on-screen that in all honesty, I think he and Jared could play Sam and Dean in their sleep. From the lame ‘dick’ jokes that only Dean can get away with, to doing what he does best, which is putting his little brother’s well-being before his own. Both brothers realize that they are at their best when they are together. The scenes between Dean and Mildred were wonderful and hysterical. But, we also discover that Dean has a weakness…and it’s Amara.

I don’t think it’s a romantic ‘pining’ that Mildred picked up on, but it’s definitely Mark of Cain related. Dean confiding in Casifer scared me. Although he knew something was up with Cas, he didn’t go with his gut and instead told the now possessed angel about his bond with The Darkness. I hope we see Dean also confide in Sam. I hope he finally tells Sam what is happening with him and Amara before Lucifer attempts to use that to his advantage. Because Luci will for sure.

Stacy: I loved Dean in this episode. He had some great one-on-one moments with Sam, Castiel/Lucifer and Mildred. Jensen Ackles is a director’s dream. He is an actor that not only gives his best performance but helps propel his scene partner’s performance as well. It doesn’t matter if they are long time cast members like Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins or guest stars like the wonderful Dee Wallace.

Dean’s scenes with Mildred were charming and funny. His with Castiel/Lucifer were vulnerable and revealing. And of course, what else can I say about Jensen and Jared acting together? It’s magical. But of course, Dean continues to keep secrets from Sam, which as we know from best experience won’t turn out well.

Tracy: Dean’s connection to Amara continues to be bandied about in the episode although there really wasn’t any significant progression in this episode. This particular plot holds my interest the least of all the storylines introduced in Season 11. I find myself somewhat frustrated by the slow movement and hoping that it will be resolved sooner rather than later.

Dean realizes that something is off with “Castiel.” Hopefully, he and Sam will find a way to defeat Lucifer once and for all and help Castiel (if that’s possible).

Dean’s interaction with Mildred was delightful. We saw Dean deal with Ezra Moore’s flirting in Time After Time, but that paled in comparison to Mildred. Dean usually enjoys the attention of women. Yet, an older woman making the move on him made Dean uncomfortable.

Jackie: Dean was amazing in this episode. Seeing him being so gentle with Sam and so patient about Sam’s emotional recovery was truly heartwarming. I loved that he tried to get Sam’s mind of things by finding a case, that he made stupid jokes just to make him laugh and that he didn’t hound Sam, trying to figure out what was wrong. He kept the ball in Sam’s court, allowing him to share what he wanted when he wanted.

I’m also glad that Dean finally opened up to someone about Amara, although I wish that person had been Sam. In order to protect himself, he needs support from the people who care about him, Sam most of all. As we saw, his bond with Amara and his secret left him vulnerable to the Banshee, so I hope he tells Sam sooner rather than later.

Debbi: Oh Dean! Amara is definitely messing with his head and he is slightly off his game. Any other time Dean would have called Cas out on the spot for his ‘weirdness’ and would have definitely questioned him a little more about exactly what he was looking for while rifling through the library. Granted there was an element of urgency behind his errand to the bunker, but still Dean’s hunter instinct is usually much more sensitive than that. I know he’s unsure of what is driving his attraction(?) to Amara, but I hope Dean opens up and trusts Sam with what’s going on since I believe that Sam will be the key to breaking her hold over his brother.

Jensen is so versatile. His portrayal of Dean’s inner conflict regarding Amara was just as finely tuned as his comedic responses to Mildred’s heavy handed flirting. I’m calling it here – if Sam wasn’t with him, Dean would have hit that! Mildred was an attractive older lady and Dean is pretty equal opportunity 😉

Mildred and Eileen:


Michele: I have been a fan of Dee Wallace since E.T.! To have her on SPN is a perfect fit. She was wonderful as the retired Mildred who sang in a Patsy Cline tribute band. Mildred also has some great taste in men. She’s digging Dean Winchester. Admit it, when you were watching ladies, didn’t you wish that was your hand on Dean’s thigh? No doubt she and Shoshanna were two of the best guests they have had on in years.

Welcome Shoshanna Stern as Eileen! I have to say Robbie Thompson knows how to write females. He was on the mark with Eileen and Mildred. We find out that not only does she have a disability that she refuses to let stop her, she also has something in common with the boys…she’s a legacy of the Men of Letters! I so wanted more of her backstory. I wanted more of Mildred’s as well. (Since Mildred has had a previous ghost encounter). They need to bring them back because their stories aren’t over. And everyone, how about that sign language convo? They said what everyone has been thinking for eleven years. Thanks Mildred and Eileen and thanks Dee and Shoshanna for some great laugh out loud performances.

Stacy: Mildred and Eileen were great characters that supported the story and aided in the Winchesters’ pursuit and defeat of the Banshee. Veteran television and film actress Dee Wallace was a delight. Mildred proved that age is just a number. She handled her own against a deadly monster and even helped to save Sam and Dean’s lives. And the scenes in which she expressed interest in Dean were a hoot. Dean is charming and attractive, why should any woman, no matter what her age, desire him?

Kudos to Supernatural for having a hearing impaired character like Eileen on the show and having her being strong. It’s a step in the right direction. Just because a person is deaf doesn’t make them weak or incapable. I hope the writers find a way to bring Mildred and Eileen back on the show.

Tracy: Dee Wallace and Shoshanna Stern were marvelous as Mildred and Eileen, respectively. They are strong female characters, something I definitely welcome to the Supernatural canvas.

In addition, I loved Mildred and Eileen’s relationship. There was palpable chemistry between the actresses that lend credibility to the familial relationship of the characters. When they were on the couch discussing Sam and Dean, the light-hearted manner was refreshing. The writers have laid the perfect groundwork for Mildred and Eileen to be included in a subsequent episode. Eileen is a legacy. Mildred can be the sage, strong influence that has been lacking for the boys since Bobby was killed.

Jackie: I loved these two so much! Dee Wallace was amazing as Mildred–so funny yet also so astute–and Eileen was such a badass! I was really glad for several things in regard to these ladies: a) I was glad to see the writers begin to feature other hunters in their episodes again, since most of the time, the boys seem isolated from the community; b) I was glad that Robbie Thompson featured a deaf hunter, since we don’t often see that in this genre: and, c) I loved getting to see the boys forge a relationship with new people. More importantly, I loved that Robbie let Eileen be the one to save the day, not only because she needed that closer but because it broke from the standard “damsel in distress” archetype that we tend to see in this show.

Debbi: Both Dee Wallace and Shoshanna Stern hit home runs with their performances. These women each held her own against our boys and that isn’t always an easy task. I love that our brilliant producers and casting department cast a hunter who was hearing impaired! Way to empower not only women, but those who may have to try harder to stay on top. The guest star casting is one of my favorite parts of this show. The combination of the choices made and the prowess of the actors is definitely a part of this show’s successful formula. Having interesting guest stars/characters keeps this show fresh.

I also loved that Eileen is a MOL legacy and that she provides the Winchesters with a link to the MOL’s existence overseas. Could there be another bunker? Could there be other MOL members still working at cataloging and striving to understand the arcana that they’ve got at their disposal? Could this be key to locking Amara away? There are definitely a number of open-ended questions that the writers/producers/showrunner could choose to pursue if they wish and I personally would love to see some of that written into the show. I’d also love to see Eileen make a reappearance at some point.

Mildred, while written with perhaps a touch too much camp, was another terrific female role model. As someone who is steadily getting older it made me happy to see that someone out there (thanks Robbie Thompson) doesn’t see older women as sexless beings. As I said previously, I’m pretty sure Dean would have taken her up on her offer if he didn’t have Sam with him…. of course the headache that the Bean Sidhe left him with was probably a killer.

Sam and Dean:

Michele: Their bond is something that can never be broken. It is so special. They both are on the same page; both have turned a corner and are the way back to how we met them at the beginning of the series. They are stronger when they are together period. Sam with the memory box was one of the most touching things I’ve seen in the 11 year history of the series. Dean hoping for a life of retirement after hunting was great also. Dean finally gave Sam what he needed in this episode; closure. He not only was encouraging in getting his little brother back on the road, he forgave him for not looking for him when he was teleported to Purgatory. I have my own theories as to why Sam stopped looking for Dean, but it’s now over. Who else saw the Samulet in Sam’s memory box? Not sure if this is the original one. But, if it’s not, I can almost guarantee that Sam knows where the original one is!

Stacy: The Winchesters working a good old-fashioned monster case and I loved it. The early seasons of Supernatural with “saving people, hunting things, and the family business” is and will always be my favorite. I enjoyed seeing the bro moment at the end with Dean telling Sam he forgave him for not looking for him in Purgatory.

Tracy: I like when the brothers are working together. I want them on the same page. I hope we see them moving towards a more open and honest dialogue where guilt and secrets are the impediments removed.

Jackie: There were so many touching brother moments in this episode that I spent most of it dabbing my eyes. Dean reassuring Sam that Lucifer will never be near him again (and since Lucifer is out, this makes me even more scared about Sam and Lucifer’s upcoming encounter); Sam and Dean talking about retirement; and, Dean telling Sam that “all that matters–all that has ever mattered–is that we’re together”–all of these gave me a thrill due to the brotherly feels. I love these two knuckleheads and only wish that they’d stop worrying so much about staying strong for each other and open up more often.

Debbi: I think I covered this pretty well above, but just for the record. These two need to start trusting each other with everything again. Particularly with the big bad they face this year preying on her ‘bond’ with Dean. I truly believe that it will be Sam who keeps Dean from fulfilling whatever plans Amara has for him. The brother bond they share will be his salvation.


Michele: I think Lucifer is going to use what Dean told him to his advantage. I think that’s how he’s going to attempt to get Sam as his vessel. I also think just before this happens, Dean will tell Sam what he’s been going through. Again, I think he hasn’t told him because he fully doesn’t understand what’s happening yet. Once he does, he will tell Sam. I think Cas because of all Lucifer now knows will throw himself into the Empty to save the boys and remove Lucifer.

Stacy: Sam or Dean will discover the truth about Castiel being Lucifer’s vessel and it will put them in danger (so what else is new?). I think the finale may see The Winchester in a situation with no easy answer or solution. I just hope that we don’t get an easy fix to getting Castiel back.

Tracy: The Dean/Amara storyline will move further along. Sam and Dean will realize that Castiel made an ill-fated decision in consenting to Lucifer and the boys will work towards defeating the Devil. Not sure where Crowley will fit in the puzzle, but I hope that he will be more friend than foe in the fight against The Darkness/Lucifer.

Jackie: Well, I think it’s pretty much a guarantee that Lucifer is going to use the knowledge that Dean is bonded to Amara to his advantage. I also think that Sam will be the one to discover that Lucifer is possessing Cas.

Debbi: As above, it will be Sam who saves Dean from whatever Amara has planned. Just as they were there for each other after hell and the cage, the boys will need to lean on each other again to survive this newest evil.

One of my friends (you know who you are) hypothesized that a possible outcome for this season is Casifer and the Winchesters successfully defeating Amara and locking her up. Lucifer however will not go quietly and will succeed in locking the boys out of the bunker while he plunders the mother lode of information looking for ways to keep himself topside. She goes on to posit that S12 would be the boys working to get Lucifer put away once and for all and Cas making a sacrifice to keep Lucifer locked up. I like this theory and wouldn’t be disappointed if the show took this path at all.

I think Dean will figure out that Cas isn’t completely alone in his vessel soon and the boys will need Crowley’s help to figure out a way to battle this double angelic possession. I am still firmly in the “Rowena isn’t gone” camp and hope to see her working with Casifer to keep Lucifer free and ready to rule heaven, hell and everything in between.

Overall Score

Michele: Overall score was an A+. An excellent performance by everyone and for Robbie Thompson’s writing.

Stacy: A top notched, classic Supernatural monster story with a great script and perfect guest stars in Dee Wallace and Shoshanna Stern. I give “Into The Mystic” and A+.

Tracy: Solid writing and a strong guest cast made this episode a wonderful hour of television- “A”

Jackie: This was an A+ episode that hit me right in the feels. I hope the rest of the season is as poignant!

Debbi: Everyone in the episode gave strong performances and the MOW story was interesting, even providing a bit of mystery (why was Dean the most vulnerable – we know, Dean knows, but Sam’s in the dark). The writing was solid and VFX of the Bean Sidhe was very good. I give this a solid A. This season is shaping up to be one of the best in a long time. Well done all.

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