Little Known Movies That Are Worth Your Time


Due to the holidays, LKMTAWYT took a little break but we’re back! I hope you like this week’s selection.

Dangerous Beauty


Catherine McCormackRufus SewellOliver PlattMoira KellyJacqueline Bisset

Why I love this movie:

Who doesn’t love a well done costume drama? The sets and costumes are beautiful and showcase Venice in its prime. It’s also based on a true story. Well loosely based on the real Veronica Franco and I do love stories that are based on real events. I know I’m not giving this movie the justice it deserves but trust me this is a very good movie.

What it’s about:

A woman in 16th century Venice with little options in life decides to be a courtesan. Loosely based on the life of poetess Veronica Franco. Who became the most celebrated courtesan of her time. She was hailed as a hero then demonized for bewitching the men of Venice.

My personal rating: B+


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