American Idol Wraps Up Second Week of Auditions

Let’s be honest. Wednesday night was one of the most boring episodes of American Idol in recent memory. All that’s worth mentioning is Brenda K. Starr made me cry a little and Jenn Blosil was interesting in a way that made me think she just woke up from a nap, but her voice was cool. That’s about it so we’ll move on to Thursday.

In keeping with my previous format, we’ll keep this to the fiveXfiveXfive.

Five Faves:

  1. Jordyn Simone is 15 years of awesomeness and has everything we want to bookend K-Clark. Her smile is radiant. She is adorable and oh yeah, she can sing!
  2. John Wayne Schulz won my heart the last time he was on. Good on Idol to remember that people older than 14 vote on this show too. If he keeps looking like that, I mean singing like that, he’ll get my vote.
  3. Jake Dillon makes me want to root for him for reasons I don’t entirely understand. He was an ok singer but his whole vibe made me like him a lot. I hope he does show Harry what he’s got and I hope it’s good!
  4. Elvie Shane will be played by Johnny Depp in the movie about American Idol. Let’s be honest, the guy has that thing that I think we are looking for and I’m sure he’s going to make the top 12 because his name is killer.
  5. Thomas Stringfellow, Chris “CJ” Johnson and Ethan Kuntz are all three white guys with guitars, which seemed to be the theme tonight. I liked CJ the best but that’s because I think he is most age appropriate for me to like. I think girls will fall all over Thomas Stringfellow and Idol may already see the dollar signs. We’ll see.

Can I have 5.5 because I really just loved Tank!

Five Questions:

  1. Again with the jumping back and forth between cities? Is it really that hard to edit clips together from one city and then move on to another city? I get confused when JLo’s outfits go back and forth like that.
  2. Does it make criminal records go away if we put packages together that explain that these contestant hopefuls were just confused kids?
  3. How is it that I used to love the judges so much when they were announced and they have so many accomplishments between them and yet sometimes I still sit and wonder how they can annoy me so much?
  4. This is for Wednesday. Why do the producers think we need to see Ellis Banks? No. And, for emphasis, no again.
  5. Do you think Idol wants a WGWG (White Guy with Guitar) to be the final chapter of American Idol? I’m pretty sure that guys don’t sit at home and vote a lot so unless they get someone compelling that girls can relate to, that might be what they get.

Five Not-likes:

  1. Seriously, I hate it when they put people through that make weird faces when they sing. I won’t mention any names but they should consider that. Same with eye twitches.
  2. I don’t really like Ryan’s tall hair. I like Ryan but this new hair is distracting. Did I already mention this last time?
  3. I think making fun of really bad singers is just not that entertaining any more. Call it bully-culture but aren’t we just inviting delusional people onto the biggest stage ever to make fun of them and then telling kids not to be mean to each other?
  4. When there are only so many hours left of American Idol, do we really need to waste one-hour episodes on super boring auditions and silly skits. Wait, that was a Wednesday comment too.
  5. I’m pretty sure Kassy Levels is a diva in the making but how do they put her through and not Blue? The girl spun a song in a minute and it was better than half (ok a quarter) of the people they put through tonight. Something different my arse!


Next week we wrap up the auditions and then who knows what happens? Already I see that JLo is wearing the easter egg dress in the clips for next week so that means even though we’ll be in a new city, we’re still going to see people from Little Rock. I just hope when they are in Hollywood they don’t get confused and show us clips from the finale.


Until next week…

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