The Flash Fandom Speaks: ColdFlash, Mark Hamill, and Wally West

Zoom’s return was the least dramatic and least cheesy part of last night’s episode of The Flash. In fact, Zoom and Wells almost seemed out of place with the relative hilarity of Captain Cold thawing towards Team Flash, Barry in particular, and Mark Hamill’s over-the-top acting as The Trickster.

Of course, for a holiday episode, Captain Cold and the Weather Wizard were the perfect complement to The Trickster’s toys.

While these things are definitely topics of discussion in fandom on Tumblr today, the subject that has the most posts by far is Wally West. And, as a lead-in, Iris West.

For the first time in quite a number of episodes, Iris had her own storyline. Not only her own storyline but a storyline that gave her reason to interact with Barry. And Joe. And Captain Cold.

There were a number of touching moments between Iris and her dad as well as between Iris and Barry. Then when Wally showed up at the door, Candice Patton did an amazing job showing exactly how much Iris wanted to throw her arms around her brother and welcome him to the family.

The biggest question that fans seem to have about Wally West is how will he fit in to this altered Flash universe? What will the writers change and update about his story? Most seem to agree that they’re approaching this storyline with trepidation and uncertainty.

What are your hopes and concerns about Wally West joining the Flash cast? Leave your remarks in the comment section below!


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