Fandom Speaks: The 100 Fans Awaken From Hibernation

Yesterday, a certain two-minute and forty-second trailer dropped and, as a result, a fandom arose from its state of hibernation.

For the next thirty-seven days (and counting), The 100 fandom will likely be watching, re-watching, pausing, magnifying, theorizing, and freaking out over the footage in that clip while they wait the final stretch until their show comes back from it’s overly long hiatus.

In fact, fan theories and reactions are popping up all over Twitter and Tumblr. Like the following:

Tumblr user crazyintheeast theorizes:

New theory on who Clarke is having sex with. What if it’s the Ice Queen’s second ? And what if the she happens to be Lexa’s twin sister? We know that the creators are into history(Octavia anybody?) I can easily see them being inspired Romulus and Remus. Except that instead of founding a city Lexa founded the alliance of the clans and instead of killing her sister she banished her.

I imagine that twins would very rare among the grounders and that from children there would be a lot expected from them. I can see these constant  competition driving the sisters apart and evolving into bitter hatred which exploded once Lexa was chosen as Commander

This would make for a great twist. Especially if Lexa’s sister was the one who lured Costia to her death and is now trying to do the same to Clarke.

From onetruegaymer:

why the frick is no one talking about the grounder anthem?? you can literally hear them sing the words “sonraun” (life) and “heda” and possibly “medo” (body)

pray I’m wrong but it sounds like a funeral song about heda and reincarnation… I’m scared.

From cutekitten6:

ok theory time

ok ok im so upset that Bellamy is on the evil side. but like, what if he has no choice but to be on that side, since he said “trust me” and blah blah

and like what if that guy who’s being a dick has some kind of leverage over bellamy and it involves octavia in some way, cuz bellamy looks so hurt when she says “youre dead to me” like omg.

From muhnsta:

Nnnnnooooooooooooo Eliza reacting to the trailer… she seemed so worried about Monty… nooooo monty is gonna be the one to die nnnnNNNOOOO

momentary-ecstasy says:

So my favorite theories as to why Lexa is fighting:

– She’s fighting for herself. She disgraced the position of Commander or spoke out of turn in defense of Clarke/Sky People.

-She’s fighting for position as Commander. She has been challenged and must kill to defend her title.

-She’s fighting for the Sky People. They’ve been challenged and the only Sky Person in sight is Clarke who doesn’t fight and may have changed allegiances

-She’s fighting for Clarke.Clarke committed mass genocide and that has to scare people. Or she’s been captured by a clan or a person and Lexa is fighting to free her. Or that is her tribunal for the mass killings and her sentence was to fight to the death and Lexa takes her place.


  1. Whats with all the lame ass non clexa centric theory’s you posted? Who cares about bells and the rest? It’s all about Clarke and lexa and Clexa. Eff the rest.

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