Book Review: Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind

Tales for Your Monkey’s Mind succeeds at conveying some powerful themes in an engaging and informative fashion. For example, we discover the importance of loving ourselves for who we are and not trying to change, we realize how essential it is to savor our innocence, and we are able to appreciate the moments in each day and not to squander time for fear of what may come tomorrow.

The charm in this book is that these life lessons are fleshed out in a manner that children will understand and adults will applaud.

Author Steve Michael Reedy weaves a collection of stories where each of the young protagonists learn valuable lessons about themselves and the world around them through their individual journeys. The beauty inherent in Reedy’s stories is that they strike the perfect chord between entertaining and informing.  Readers will marvel at the aesthetic world Reedy paints and will embrace the positive messages the book flawlessly portrays.

In addition, Reedy skillfully threads poetry in some of these stories. This poetic seasoning adds wonderful flavor; the stories are enriched by verse. Further, at the end of each story, the next story is ingeniously linked. For instance, the boy who learns a valuable lesson from his trip to the Wallerford Toy Factory comes across the girl who aspires to be the prettiest clown in Clown Town.

Tales For Your Monkey’s Mind is an imaginative, well written and thought-provoking treasure for both children and adults.

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