Who Shot Annalise Keating on How To Get Away With Murder?

Every episode from this season of How to Get Away with Murder has been a roller coaster ride from start to finish. We are only two episodes away from learning who shot Annalise and it could be anyone! The tiny glimpses that have been shown of the events from that night reveal that everyone was in on the action this time, even Asher. The number of theories are endless, but who do you personally think shot Annalise?

tumblr_inline_ndpl4zmRmm1rj0a7mKeating Four: The tensions have been rising between the four as well as with Annalise. Even though she has done everything she can to protect them, they still don’t trust her and are constantly on edge. We know that they have the capacity to kill based on what they did to Sam last season, have they finally had enough?

Asher Millstone: The scene showed him fleeing the mansion in the car with Bonnie and looking extremely distracted. Even though he wasn’t involved with Sam’s murder, he was involved in the mysterious Trodder Lake incident with Tiffany and has shown that he will do whatever it takes to protect himself. He also goes to the police station to make a statement, could he be confessing to shooting Annalise for betraying his father against her promise?

Frank Delfino: Frank has a die-hard dedication to Annalise and they share many bloody secrets. Frank is the master of tampering evidence, could he have shot Annalise to throw the scent off some other activities that happened that night? Especially since he convincingly faked his concern for her life for the emergency room cameras.

Bonnie Winterbottom: She was covered in blood and threw her clothes away in the bathroom of a gas station. Was she finally fed up of being constantly mistreated by Annalise that she turned her anger into rage? She killed Rebecca at the beginning of the season, could her violent past have led her to shoot the woman who she constantly craves acceptance from?

Caleb Hapstall: A suspect in the murder of his parents, and the scene does take place in his own mansion. He was shown in the preview to be waiting in a hotel room for Michaela. He asks if “she” is okay. Could he be referring to his sister, or Annalise after he shot her?

019e2a30-501c-0133-ec16-0aa00699013dCatherine Hapstall: The shooting happened in the same place. She has had her suspicions of Annalise and her associates since they took the case, and will go to great lengths to protect her brother. She was shown being unconsciously brought to the middle of the forest by Frank, could she have shot Annalise before she left the house?

Emily Sinclair: Even though she was shown with a cracked skull at the bottom of the staircase, could she have shot Annalise before she died? After being humiliated by Annalise countless times in court, she could have finally broke and resorted to violence against her rival.

Annalise: Everything that she does is to protect the people who she loves and cares about and she has shown that she is willing to go to extreme measures to achieve that. She is wounded, but not dead yet, so she may have shot herself as part of one of her big plans.


Vote for your top suspect below and tune in to this week’s episode tomorrow night at 11/10c on ABC.

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