Ship Wars: The Flash 2.0

A few months ago, Talk Nerdy With Us did a ship wars for Barry Allen on The Flash. A few episodes into season two, there’s a new girl on the scene, Felicity is solidly with Oliver over in Star City, and Linda seems to have been relegated to friend of Iris, so we felt it was time for an updated ship wars. So, do you ship:

Barry and Patty. Patty is new this season and is Joe’s new partner in the police department’s fight against metahumans. Patty, like Barry, is smart, cute, and awkward in a way that makes you love her even more. They both fight against evil metahumans in their own way, but Patty doesn’t know Barry’s secret identity. Does this make Patty a light in Barry’s life, someone just far enough away from what he does to be a break from it all but close enough to understand? Or does her not knowing his secret just add a burden to their relationship?

Barry and Patty

OR Barry and Iris. Iris is almost the opposite of Patty. She’s been in Barry’s life from the beginning, she has already learned his secret and forgiven him, and she’s a seriously cool person. Iris fights crime and metahumans both as a journalist and by Barry’s side in S.T.A.R. Labs and for the first time since Barry woke up from his coma is single. Is there too much history between them? Are they too much like brother and sister? Will Barry ever be able to fully forgive himself for the death of her almost fiance in order to have a healthy relationship with Iris?

The Flash -- "Crazy for You" -- Image FLA112A_0276b -- Pictured (L-R): Candice Patton as Iris West and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

OR Barry and Caitlin. Caitlin, like Barry, loves science and wants to use it to save the world. Throughout their time together Barry and Caitlin have had each others backs, gave courage when the other one needed it, and have built a relationship beyond teammates. They are partners in the fight against metahumans but also partners in life as they walk through loss together. But, with the loss of her husband and the new flame starting with Jay Garrick, is it just too little too late for these two friends to become something more?

Barry and Caitlin

So, tell us what you think. Who do you ship?

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  1. WestAllen. Also why is Barry and Iris the only one with a negative description ‘are they too much like brother and sister’ when its been established they don’t see themselves as that because why the hell would Barry be in love with his sister. As for Barry/Caitlin neither have ever shown any interest so I am confused why they are even there. Personally not a fan of Patty, I find her so forced and cringey, also I find her bit suspect.

    1. The brother/sister question wasn’t meant to be negative! Just trying to point out the pros/cons of each! I actually genuinely like all three and would be happy with any of them!

      1. But Barry and Iris don’t see themselves as brother and sister so I don’t know why you included it. Again Barry/Caitlin have never shown interest in each other so that should ultimately make that the biggest con for it not to happen, in fact Caitlin is interested in Jay and Barry in Patty. I personally find it odd that the other two ships cons are weak compared to Barry/Iris which basically says its incest.

      2. The brother/sister aspect should apply to Cailtin and Barry. Even mother/son because she’s mothers him while fawning over Ronnie and Jay. There has never been any indication of a romantic relationship between them. Caitlin has always chosen First Ronnie, now Jay over Barry. To pretend like they are a legit ship is delusional. She’s closer to Cisco than Barry and has known Cisco longer why isn’t KillerVibe part of these ship wars? I think Cisco deserves better than a doctor that would tell him to take a nap after being diagnosed with a concussion but that’s besides the point. Not every woman has to be tied to Barry. I know quite a few SnowHenry shippers why aren’t they included? Henry was in prison,, Caitlin runs an illegal metahuman prison, Henry is a doctor, Caitlin is a doctor, Henry is a widow, so is Caitlin. Henry is older, Caitlin looks older. Sooooooo much in common. Danielle even said Caitlin has other options, it’s high time y’all started exploring them instead of trying to force her with Barry who has expressed interest in Felicity in everyone but her. (Felicity, Linda, Patty, and is love with Iris.)

        1. Exactly, why not Henry and Caitlin since apparently all it takes is losing someone you love for it to be a legit ship, forget about actually being interested in each other. Why isn’t Caitlin/Jay included instead of Caitlin/Barry, that ship has basis in canon unlike the latter. If you are going to do a poll, you should include ships that have basis in canon.

  2. Westallen is my favorite relationship on the show. They give each other hope and inspire each other to be better, and they would go to the ends of the earth for one another. I love them and can’t wait to see where their relationship goes.

  3. Joe was Barry Foster Father ok.
    Joe did not Adopted Barry ok.
    And, Barry don’t see Iris as his Sister at all,
    He been in love with Her since they was little Kids.
    And, Iris never said, She see Barry as her Brother,
    So why you guys mention that on the lists it’s stupid.

    Secondly, In the Comic’s it’s said Barry married Iris so get over it.
    And, In Comic’s it also said, Barry & Patty was in a serious Relationship as Boyfriend & Girlfriend plus they both has a lot in Common as a Couple And Patty is a cool funny Girl,
    So I don’t understand why no body likes Her it’s stupid.
    Patty is great for Barry ok. He deserves some happiness.
    If Iris willing to be with Eddy who by away has Purpose to Iris,
    Before died. Iris was so happy with Eddy. Now She single again,
    And People expect Iris & Barry should be in a serious Relationship Now. Why is it good for Iris to be happy,
    When She was with Eddy to have happiness in Her life,
    But not Barry with Patty that a bunch of BS to me.
    Barry is big Boy who can make his own decisions,
    He don’t need anyone to fight for his Relationship battles please folks.

  4. This whole Barry and Iris are siblings BS is just an attempt by WestAllen haters to dismiss the iconic relationship that Barry & Iris have in the Comics and on the show. Quit it guys cuz we see through your BS. WestAllen is an icon relationship only rivaled by Clark & Lois aka Clois..
    Bring on WestAllen’s Tornado Twins Don & Dawn Allen and Barry Allen their grandkid and of course Wally West!!
    The WestAllen Speedsters SLAY!!

  5. Why are people still going on about Barry/Caitlyn? They aren’t into each other’s and it’s time the media should stop baiting fans that there’s something going on there, if on having stuff in common why aren’t the media so into KillerVibe coz Cisco/Caitlyn has more chemistry than Barry/Caitlyn. It has been proven that there’s no other woman for Barry but Iris, it’s time to stop these stupid ship wars. I don’t trust Patty at all, she is looking more like a stalker & I’ve been trying to like her still can’t maybe coz I already know that her relationship with Barry will become irrelevant once Iris is ready to give Barry a chance. If I will have to choose Barry/Iris will be my choice coz she is his everything, lighting Rod, his strength and she believed in him before anybody ever did and lastly I really don’t see any sparks between Barry/Caitlyn. I’m such a Snowstorm fan!

  6. Well this is what I think how many times do we have to have these polls. Two of these stay true to the comics and the show one is a crack ship if you are going to do crack ship include Cisco x Caitlin, Jay x Caitlin, Wells x Caitlin, Patty x Joe. Instead why don’t you include Ronnie x Caitlin who is her husband. As for the brother sister trope that is so old now listen all they did was to stay under the same roof Joe is not Barry’s BIOLOGICAL father so unless Joe and Nora had sex and Nora fell pregnant to Joe then you may have a leg to stand on. Start respecting the show listen to what they say Iris is Barry’s lightning rod and the love of his life since before he stayed at the Wests Barry even said it himself to Iris “Without you there wouldn’t be a FLASH”. Also start respecting Grant he said that Iris is not his sister many times. And I know some don’t respect Candice but she said the same thing

  7. This whole Barry and Iris are siblings BS is just a way of dismissing the iconic relationship that is WestAllen/Newsflash in the comics and the TV show. Iris and Barry’s relationship is so unique in the Comics genre that it is only rivaled by Clark and Lois aka Clois in the Superman story.
    Bring on WestAllen’s Tornado Twins Don and Daw Allen, and grandson Bart Allen…and of course Wally West.
    The WestAllen Speedsters SLAY and Iris West is the Matriarch of the Flash family!!

  8. Caitlin Snow is the Best suited. she is smart and as you said has always had his back, she was willing to die for him what more do u want. Barry and Catlin are meant to be. Plus the flaming chemistry of Grant and Danielle just adds fuel to the fire

    1. I have to disagree with your comment that Caitlyn is best suited for Barry because she’s smart and always had Barry’s back. Iris may not be a scientist, but she’s smart too. She was in grad school working on a dissertation. Your statement that she always has his back is disputable as well, In Episode 15, Out Of Time. Barry calls Caitlyn to figure out a strategy to stop the tsunami headed for Central City. She offered a solution; however, when Barry asks how fast he should run, Caitlyn ‘doesn’t know, if he can, run that fast?’ Barry and Caitlyn are meant, to be friends. The chemistry between Barry and Caitlyn – is friendship chemistry. Unlike Iris and Barry, who have unwavering faith and belief in each other; an extensive cannon history; familial, friendship and romantic chemistry.

  9. My opinion is Barry has the most chemistry with Caitlin. Over time, they’ve become close friends (confidantes even) and I love watching their friendship grow from how they were in the pilot episode. Best of all, I LOVE that they can share either funny or serious scenes and they both shine in them. 🙂

  10. WA fans are always pressed and upset. In the pilot, Iris said while she and Barry are not biologically related, they are kind of like brother and sister. This is canon. They also lack any kind of romantic chemistry.

    1. Chemistry is subjective. When arguing about which ship is better it’s best to leave out chemistry and focus only on the characters and their interactions.

  11. Barry and Caitlin. They have the best chemistry on the show, both understand each other very well, both are willing to do whatever it takes to be there for one another, what can i say other than the fact that they are perfect for each other
    snowbarry is what it is and that is perfection

  12. My vote goes to Caitlin.
    She’s the right match for Barry, I don’t even care how many people they both will date. I don’t care if they say they’re in love with somebody else.
    Their glances, their hugs, their talks are something special that can’t be ignored. And it all comes naturally because Grant and Danielle’s chemistry is overwhelming. They’re actually the main reason why we ship Snowbarry. Those two can simply stand besides each other, without even interacting, and the whole fandom freak out.
    Of course it’s not all about the chemistry, the writers developed their relationship perfectly. It was not forced, not planned, not boring.
    I don’t really like predictable things, I prefer better the impossible ones…I mean, I wouldn’t watch The Flash otherwise.
    Anyway I’m leaving this comment because I don’t really like polls, you never know if they’re rigged or not and people always cheat. We’ll probably lose as always, even though the Snowbarry fandom is huge and lots of casual fans really enjoy their scenes on the show.
    I’m not going to mention the other two couples cause it’s none of my business, I don’t really care about them.
    I think fans can ship whoever they want and I am NOBODY to say they shouldn’t, sadly on the flash fandom there are ignorant people who always talk shit about us. I suggest to those individuals not to waste their time knocking us down, it’s useless.

  13. Barry and Caitlin share the best onscreen chemistry there is. Nothing seemed forced. Their looks their conversations., their feelings everything just falls perfectly into place. Unlike the brother and sister people are so badly rooting for who have nothing in common and can’t share a single thing with each other Barry and Caitlin are completely compatible. She is perfect for him and he is perfect for her.

  14. I find it funny how you forget to mention the biggest thing about westallen! They are in love with eachother and they are meanmeant to be. Barry is so in love with iris, all season one we saw how much he loves her and how she is the only woman he wants. In season two, we see patty the lovely cop interested in him and he wasn’t into dating her because as barry ssid *she is not Iris* he needed joe to pep talk him into dating her and how he will never love anyone like he loves Iris. They have history and it is not too much, that what makes them special and important to each other, barry loves iris more than anything and you should have said this as a comparison to the other canon ship and the crackship.

  15. Barry and Caitlin need to happen like yesterday. There is so much potential in them and there is no incest going on there lol.
    Both need to move on from people no longer in their life. Well iris is in his life but she is not interested so… Barry is best suited with Caitlin and Caitlin alone

    1. How is Barry best suited with Caitlin? These characters don’t have feelings for each other and you can’t force them to. The writer’s are already setting Iris up as Barry’s lightning rod. His love and connection to Iris manifests itself into a literal tangible spark. Barry has never, and probably never will, exhibit this connection with anyone else other than Iris. Caitlin doesn’t stand up to Barry the way Iris does. She doesn’t call Barry out on his crap the way Iris does. Barry needs someone like that. Barry has been a butt and has gotten full of himself. He needs someone to give him a reality check every once in a while. Iris is the only one comfortable enough and close enough to Barry to do this. Caitlin has also more than once told Barry he couldn’t do something or it was too dangerous. She didn’t even want Barry to come and save her because she didn’t believe he would win. She believed he would die. She didn’t have faith in his abilities. Contrast this with Iris who has always had faith in not only the flash, but her best friend Barry as well. Barry has relied on the neverending faith and support that Iris has in him. We see this most in the Grodd Lives episode. Barry needs someone who encourages and always believes in him not someone who’s gonna hold him back, like Caitlin. As Barry said, without Iris there wouldn’t be a flash.

      With Patty I also don’t feel she can stand up to Barry the way Iris does. Patty is a carbon copy of Barry. They are exactly alike. She’s waaaaaay to into Barry and almost seems to idolize him. I simply cannot see her calling Barry out on his crap the way Iris does.

  16. Seriously how can anyone ship barry with caitlin. They don’t have chemistry or spark. They are cool platonic friends and we need these kind of platonic relationships. Cisco and Caitlin have more chemistry than sn0wbarry lmao. And barry never had any romantic interest in caitlin, because he doesn’t like her that way. Like they cloud have moved on with eachother but no he liked linda and never considered Caitlin as an option because she is his platonic friend and his wingman that night. Caitlin deserves someone who will love her and only her but barry isn’t that guy, she will always be the girl who is not IRIS, like patty and linda. If they happened which i dont think it will but if sn0wbarry happened, in the end barry will break her heart and leave her for iris no mattet what because he belong with iris and he will always choose her. You can ship them but if you really love caitlin you would want her with someone who isn’t in love with iris west like barry allen because once you are in love with the queen iris you will always be in love with her and barry will agree with me because he wants iris to have his speedester babies like yesterday lol. Patty is cute but she will not last and i hope she will not get hurts in the end, she deserves someone who loves her completely and barry is not that guy :*(. Westallen forever and always i mean damn look how good they look next to each other. Best ship i ever shipped tbh.

  17. Westallen is the only relationship that matters in the show. Barry loves iris and they will get married and have the twins and bart will show up soon. Candice and Grant have the best natural chemistry I’ve ever seen. *They have magical chemistry* is what one of the producers said when they were asked about Candice and Grant chemistry test audition and how lucky they were for having candice as iris west. Barry and Iris stole my heart from the first scene in the pilot. Westallen is endgame <3 i love these two so much.

  18. Westallen or as i like to call them newsflash is what i like in the show. There relationship is good and i like how they established iris as Barry’s anchor and lightning rode in the show. I loved it in the comics and i loved it in the show. Iris is Barry’s future wife so i don’t understand these stupid ship wars. Patty was Barry’s girlfriend in the comics but they just broke up and he is starting to realize that iris is his anchor in the comics again, and i don’t see how barry and caitlin is a “ship” really, i watched the show and when did this relationship happened or was hinted? I know what is crackshipping, i do it for fun sometimes with barry and hal or barry and black canary but i don’t want to ruin the show and the history of the comics and the flash family for a relationship that doesn’t make sense to the story they are telling. I hope they will never ruin tge the show doing that because i really enjoy the show. Patty will leave soon like she did in the comics and barry and iris will be together and we will see wally west soon and hopefully my favorite bart. Shipping is fun but we don’t need to change the show to suit everyone’s test. Thank you.

    Comics and tv show are two different and separate things. Westallen may be iconic on CB, but it just doesn’t feel right on the show as well.
    And not because Iris being black, there’s no racism here. I simply dislike how the writers developed Barry and Iris relationship.
    Snowbarry is the best couple with the best chemistry and the best development. They care about each other so much! We shouldn’t forget that she was willing to die for him and he revealed himself as The Flash to the world just to save her. They always help each other to defeat their fears, they always comfort each other.
    If this ain’t love, then what is it?! 🙂
    They give me ALL THE FEELS! How can I not ship them? <3

  20. Westallen love is iconic. The way barry loves iris makes me want to cry. The way iris loves and believe in barry makes want to scream. These two love eachother more than anything and i can’t picture barry or iris with anyone else to be honest. Barry and caitlin are just friends and i’ve never seen this chemistry people talk about. Barry care about CS of course she is his friend like cisco. Barry will never love someone like he loves iris and the way grant play barry with iris is so beautiful, the way he looks at iris, the way he say her name is everything. Iris makes him better man and stronger as the flash. He developed his powers for her, when he saved her from Grider he broke the sound barrier because iris was in danger. He traveled in time after they kissed and iris confessed her feelings to him (did you see how happy they were!!! His smile after the kiss is the most beautiful smile I’ve seen, and iris face after the kiss is the most beautiful face) he traveled in time to save her and everyone, like Wells said that his emotions after the kiss is what helped him do that. Hell the firs time he discovered his powers was after he met iris after he woke up and she touched his heart looking at him like that with her heart eye and how happy she was because he is finally okay and here with her. How can anyone watch westallen scenes and not ship them. How can you not ship this epic ship. They have sparks when they touch!!! Real sparks!! How awesome is this. Iris being Barry’s anchor and barry being iris’ anchor was amazing and it gives me chills thinking about it. I always love the ship that have epic love and big amazing moments. This is what true love look like. This is how awesome is westallen. Tbh i can talk about them all day. They are beautiful and their chemistry is magical. I love seeing two people with this kind of love that no one can destroy and no can replace iris place in Barry’s life and no one can replace Barry place in iris’ life. These two idiots makes me want to cry from how beautiful they are. I can’t wait until westallen is together happy and safe.

  21. Westallen is my ship. Westallen is timeless love. Westallen is the future. Barry loves iris. Iris lovez barry. Thet should stop thinking and start doing like what barry said. That boy wants to be Mr iris west since he was a little boy. Iris west-allen <3. I don't who loves iris west more, me or barry allen. I think it is a tie. (Maybe barry wins, he loves her too much ahhhhh!!!) Patty you need to rin sweetie, before you get your heart broken :(. Caitlin you go love jay, or ronnie. But don't fall for barry because he will break your heart the minute Iris is ready to have a relationship with barry. Be bestfriend with iris please, don't ruin your relationship for a boy who was telling all season one how much he is in love with iris. Barry and iris are the power couple we deserve. Westallen is coming, wait for it.

  22. I love comicbooks, always have, and yes I enjoy seeing my favorite relationships in live action but I also don’t enjoy whatever characterization the show delivers and think “yes that’s good” even when it’s not. Barry and Iris were amazing in the first episodes of season 1, we saw them as best friends, confidents… and then that disappeared. For 80% of season 1, and now in season 2, I don’t see Barry and Iris as best friends or potential partners. The show needs to show me this.

    I loved Barry and Caitlin’s friendship in season 1, I didn’t “ship” them because they were both in love with someone else but in my opinion they were written as two persons who could actually work together, be friends together, support each other. Barry spent half his time being jealous over Eddie and calling out Iris for idiotic stuff. I don’t like the Barry in love with Iris : he acts like a brainless teenager. Iris was and still is great and she definitely needs more storylines and involvment. Meanwhile the writers spent a lot of time showing me how great are Barry and Caitlin as friends. Caitlin is kidnapped? She begs Barry not to come because she knows he may get hurt. Meanwhile Iris is around criminals and calls the Flash everytime, even after learning his identity. Yes he’s a superhero, one may say it’s his job to risk his life for other, but in my books, when you love someone you’d rather die than even risk the chance of losing the person you love. Patty didn’t even make it past episode 2 before stating that the Flash will come to save her. Nope we did not need that writers.

    I hope the writers will realize that being in the comicbooks isn’t enough to make us love a pairing. Barry and Patty’s relationship relies on them smilling non stop at each other. We are told that Barry and Iris are BFFs and would make a great married couple but I don’t see it, show me. Caitlin loved her husband and now is into Jay.

    Conclusion : those writers suck at writing romance. Because they are not trying, Barry and Caitlin’s relationship feel very natural and I understand why people want them together. They are trying way to hard for Barry and Patty, pass. They are not trying enough with Barry and Iris. That last one is supposed to be the most important so you’d think they would give a damn… Anyway, I watch a show, comicbooks don’t count. The show is based on the comics, they are not telling the comics’ story. The way they’ve told their story? I see Barry making a great couple with Caitlin if they ever start having romantic feelings for each other.

    1. I’ve never understood the point of caitlin not wanting barry to save her as a good thing. He is a superhero. This is his daily job, did you see caitlin face when cisco saved her? She was so happy she didn’t die. So she was happy to die for barry but in the same time didn’t want to die for barry who have speed and save people he doesn’t know evey day? Cisco revealed Barry’s idinity to save his brother, does this mean he doesn’t care about barry? No he was afraid and to be honest cisco loves barry more than Caitlin loves barry as their friends. I agree about the writers neglecting things but the friendship with barry and caitlin in season one was about being in love with other people. This season they don’t have a friendship moments other than them feeling guilty about Ronnie’s death in episode 1 s2. I can see people ship them as a crackship because barry is shipable and they ship him with oliver, hal,laurel,kara,…….. but to want the show to ignore westallen and iris west importance to barry allen and the show, is something awful. Barry and iris have the best romantic chemistry and the trust and the complete faith these two have in eachother is so beautiful and rare. I can’t believe how anyone think barry will be completely happy with any who isn’t iris. The show from the pilot was telling us barry and iris love story and how they are meant to be and that will never change. I really hope the flash will never do an Arrow move and ruin the show with what some of the fans want. Westallen is beautiful and the future. I hope i wasn’t rude. Thanks

  23. Too bad the way you talked about westallen shows how you feel about them. You had nice things to say about Barry and Patty’s one day relationship. And about Barry and Caitlin platonic relationship. And you couldn’t mention the many amazing things about westallen, or mention how Barry loves Iris so much, or how Iris is Barry’s anchor, or how being best friends is the best foundation for a relationship. Instead you questioned their relationship and made it so simple and unimportant! I can’t take this article seriously because you weren’t fair or honest. I dislike snowbarry but i will never erase their friendship. The way you talked about westallen made them look bad when in reality they are so amazing and when they get together they will be more amazing. Barry only wants Iris and no can deny it, but apparently people love to forget this to make the other ships canon or fanon ships equal to westallen when they can’t even be in the same level as the iconic westallen. I was excited to read this but wow was I disappointed. Maybe you didn’t mean to upset us but I can’t believe you read what you wrote and thought you talked about these ships without being biased. I hope you understand why this wasn’t fair for westallen or to Iris West. Thanks.

    1. I am so sorry you felt this way! It really wasn’t my intention. I actually like Patty the best (one of the few fans of that ship, I know!), then Barry and Iris and lastly Barry and Caitlin. In fact, I like all three just fine and can see Barry being just friends or a romantic partner with any of them, depending on how the writers go from here. I wrote 3 sentences of good things about each and then pointed out the questions people have about each of them as well. From hearing your comments, I can see how it may seem skewed, but that was not the intention. In fact, most of the time people just vote and it doesn’t matter what I say. The point of this is for me to quickly propose the ship options that seem to be available at the time (and are important to the fandom) without too much input and there is so much history and love (friendly and maybe otherwise) between Iris and Barry that it is difficult to write that in only a sentence or two. These posts are really about the fans voting and not my thoughts. If my blurbs skewed how people voted I am sorry, but I really doubt it did. I love Iris’ character and I especially love Candice Patton, so I never want to be unfair to her. Thank you for your thoughts and i hope this helps. I understand that you may reply, but my daughter is about to wake up from a nap and I probably won’t be able to have a chance to look at comments for a while, so just know that if you do reply and want to hear something else, I may not have an opportunity to answer any questions but I will try. I am learning how passionate this fan base is and that is exciting! Thank you for your comment!

      1. Thank you for replying to me. You may read this or you may not but i just wanted to say yes we are passionate about iris west and westallen because i swear the minute candice was announced to play iris west, the unjustified hate was awful and sad. They hate her for existing in the show. They hate her because of how much barry loves her. They hate her because she is not an awkward nerd. They hated her because she is smart strong and confident. They want her dead because she doesn’t look like comic!iris when candice lookd exactly like her but she is black. They can’t fathom the idea that barry didn’t fall for caitlin the awkward nerd. It is so tiring to defend your favorite character when she didn’t do anything wrong. When you see hate for the canon ship because people think they can control the show and disrespect the iconic couple for a crackship that was created from racism (that doesn’t mean everyone who like snowbarry is a racist!! But no can lie and say the ship wasn’t created the minute they knew the iconic character iris west is going to be played by a black beautiful talented actress) to this day we keep seeing awful disgusting lies said about iris west and westallen. The media doesn’t respect iris or westallen and it so weird and annoying to see this happen all the time. Sorry for the long rang :(. ….. Awe you love iris and Candice? That means you are awesome person. I hope you can write about iris and westallen and the importance of them to the show and barry allen. I would love to read it. You heard us and saw how we feel. Thank you again and i hope you will see my reply.

        1. Get a grip. You WestAllen fans just love to play victim. Barry and Iris don’t resonate for a lot of the audience just like Lauriver didn’t for the Arrow audience. There are racists out there but Iris is boring and the couple just isn’t fun to watch for a lot of people.

          And didn’t you fans stomp your feet like little children, attacking the writers on twitter and threatening to stop watching? Why don’t you all just do us a favor and make good on your promise? Or have you finally realized that you’re in the minority and your tantrums have no effect on the ratings?

          1. You love to act like westallen isn’t big or popular lol. If anyone loves to play victims are the other fandom who lie and made stuff so they can whine and play victims. seriously you are telling me all what was written above is lies? people called iris names, said she doesn’t look good with barry! said the flash family can’t be half black because somehow being black is bad or ruin the characters. Iris and westallen has a big fan-base that love iris and fight for her, and it is exhausting to see hate everywhere. you love to compare westallen with arrow’s ships when they are different shows with different writers. i’m not worried about iris place in the show, but that doesn’t mean i don’t more for me favorite character!! and it is not just iris. im so mad about Jay and how he is just here doing nothing in the show. i was excited for him, i waiting fir his big moment to shine. I was being nice and i don’t know why you felt the need to talk nonsense to me :] but don’y worry im not quitting the show!

      2. You’re not the only one who likes Patty with Barry best. Tons of people like the couple. Just look around on several review sites, facebook, twitter, Tumblr. The only difference is most are casual viewers who have no interest in polls and trying to prove a point like WestAllen fans.

  24. My vote goes to Westallen. One of the biggest reason for this is chemistry. However chemistry is subjective and can’t be used to assess why one person is better for the other. So I will list other reasons:

    What Caitlin and Barry don’t have are mutual feelings for each other. They simply do not want to be with each other in that way. Barry has never expressed interest in Caitlin outside of friendship. When Barry and Caitlin went out to meet new people, Barry went home with some other girls number. It never once occurred to him that Caitlin was an option, thus telling us that he doesn’t view her in any romantic light. In the season two premiere we got a glimpse of Barry’s perfect world and in his perfect world Caitlin was happily married to Ronnie. Again reinforcing that Barry wants nothing to do to with Caitlin romantically. Caitlin is not good for Barry. More than once she has tried to hold Barry/Flash back. More than once she has told him that he couldn’t do something or that it was too dangerous. She simply does not have a lot of faith in Barry/Flash. When Caitlin was kidnapped she didn’t even want Barry to save her because she thought he would lose. She thought he would die. She didn’t believe in Barry or his abilities. If Barry was with someone like that, he would never be able to become all that he can. Caitlin is also in love with Ronnie. Ronnie was the one that first got Caitlin to smile. Ronnie was the one that got Caitlin to open up and try things she never thought she would. Ronnie was the one that took Caitlin out of her comfort zone. The only reason Barry was able to get Caitlin to open up after Ronnie’s death was because Barry reminded her of Ronnie. It was Ronnie’s traits in Barry that Caitlin responded. Not Barry himself. Ronnie is, was, and always will be Caitlin’s true love. In the season premiere we see that Caitlin would rather have Barry die than lose Ronnie again. Ronnie wanted to go up there and help the flash, but Caitlin initially told him no. We see, something that should have been obvious to viewers by now, that Caitlin loves Ronnie more than Barry/Flash.

    Patty is a carbon copy of Barry. She and Barry are almost too much alike. She comes off as a major fangirl of Barry and someone constantly feeding his ego is the last thing Barry needs. When tough times come calling, I don’t see Patty really able to kick Barry into the gear the way Iris can. I don’t see Patty able to stand up to Barry and tell him to either stop being a butt or that he’s wrong about something. Caitlin wasn’t able to do this either. Caitlin knew they needed Jay’s help, but wouldn’t stand up to Barry. Also, Barry had to be encouraged to date Patty. Barry did not want to go out with Patty, despite thinking she’s adorable, because she wasn’t Iris. He measured Patty against Iris and found her lacking. In his eyes, Patty doesn’t measure up to Iris. I can definitely see this happening with future love interests. Barry may end up measuring them against Iris to see if they compare or are worth it. The fact that Barry had to be goaded into giving Patty a chance by Joe turns me off of the relationship.

    Finally Iris. Iris has something that the other two ladies do not. That is Barry’s love. Iris and Barry have been best friends since childhood. Other than Henry, Iris was the only one to believe Barry about the circumstances of his mother’s death. Can you imagine how encouraging that must have been for Barry growing up? Amidst all the people that called him crazy? When Iris began to feel that Barry was giving up on ever finding his mother’s killer and freeing his father, when she felt he was giving up on ever proving the impossible. She decided to prove it for him. She took up Barry’s cause and tried to shoulder his burden. This shows how much Iris not only believes in Barry, but supports him too. She was constantly seen imbuing Barry with confidence, telling him how great he is. I can imagine that Iris has always done this for Barry. Iris has a lot of faith in the flash as well. Unlike Caitlin, when Iris was kidnapped by Girder she says she knows the flash will come. She knows the flash will beat Girder. She has written about the flash and kept up with his many good deeds. Not once did she doubt his abilities. Caitlin has seen the flash at work up close and personal and yet she still lacked faith in him. Barry relies heavily on the faith that Iris has in him. We see this most clearly in the Grodd Lives episode. It’s Iris’s voice and her voice alone that was able to guide Barry through Grodd’s mind control. Barry had to focus on Iris in order to concentrate and gather enough strength to break free. The very thought of her gives him strength. Barry tells Iris that whenever he makes a mistake or falters, the thought of her picks him up again. He tells her that without her there wouldn’t be a flash. He tells her that from the very beginning she was with him, even though she didn’t know his secret. Barry even runs by jitters just to see her smile. You can almost see him gather strength when he takes a deep breath after seeing her smile. Iris and Barry share a literal connection. Barry’s immense love for Iris manifests itself in a tangible spark. Barry has never, and probably never will, share that kind of connection with anyone. Iris isn’t a pushover when it comes to Barry either. Barry told her to stop writing about the flash, but Iris was doing it for Barry and felt it was too important. Iris stands up to Barry as well. She convinced him to go to flash day, and she told him to stop being a butt and pushing everyone away. She’s the one who had to tell everyone to stop letting Barry walk all over them. She was also the one to tell Barry that he needed to start trusting Jay Garrick. Barry’s mistrust of Jay was preventing the team from progressing and defeating Sand D. Caitlin and Cisco were gonna let Barry have his way even though they knew he was wrong. Iris however, has no problem letting Barry know when he’s wrong. Unlike Caitlin, Iris also has mutual feelings for Barry.

    Iris is the only one that’s truly good for Barry. Caitlin may care for Barry deeply, and Patty may like Barry romantically and think he’s the best thing since slice bread. But Iris is the only one that we can truly say loves Barry in every way.

    Goophina over and out

    1. WestAllen always. Barry and Iris love each other..what they have is magical. It’s amazing the way they support each other..they are the perfect match. Personally I think Caitlin and Barry have not chemistry..their scenes are forced and awkward. And stop painting ronnie or Jay as an obstacle for snowbarry to happen..they are not. They just don’t like each other..that’s it. Patty and Barry are the Eddie and Iris of season 2. Not gonna last. Oh..the brother /sister issue is not a thing…and yall nasty thinking that Barry would want to make out with her “sister”..gross.

  25. oh god WESTALLEN my babies <3333333 Barry and Iris are so cute <3. Barry and Patty are cute and awkward but nothing compares to westallen. I need to them to get married and have little Barry and little Iris running around with speed power like their daddy.

  26. Snowbarry is the best because they understand each other, they are friends, they are working partners, the chemistry between Gran and Danielle is amazing.The chemistry between them is obvious and explodes into a single scene of a hug.

  27. I think all three women each have a unique relationship with Barry none better than the other but I guess I’m going to go with westallen because of Candice Patton’s bio which mention’s the name west-allen

  28. I’m voting for Caitlin because I love her friendship with Barry, they’re so cute together! Who knows…maybe they’re meant to be just friends or maybe they will be something more. I hope the writers won’t waste their potential as a possible couple, anyway I’m here to enjoy the ride 🙂 #SnowbarryAlways

  29. Caitlin, every single freaking time. WA could be good in comic book but on the show, I really see them as brother and sister. Maybe even best friends. But iris has shot down barry so many times that any romance between the two is only awkward. Caitlin, however, seems to have excellent chemistry with Barry and is perfect for him.

  30. my vote id for westallen. they are childhood bestfriends. Iris is the only one who understand him and believe in him. Iris is what Barry needs and WANT. When they get together they will be the perfect power couple we will ever see, The super hero and the ace reporter, The way they love each other is melting my heart , I’ve never seen anyone love a woman like Barry loves Iris, beautiful indeed, and Iris, oh Iris how much she loves Barry and how she believe in him as Barry Allen and as the flash is the most amazing thing I ever seen, How can you see them together and think of other ships? Patty is adorable but she will not last, and i hope when they break up she will stick around because I like her so much!. Caitlin and Barry are only friends and they way Caitlin is with Barry is like she is his big sister , and that is nice and change from making every woman Barry interact with to LI. I can’t see any romantic chemistry between them, they work as friends but they can’t work as a couple. she is too awkward for him and he never liked her romantically, Barry need someone who understand him and trst he can be better and Caitlin is not that woman.

  31. westallen, Barry will be lucky to have Iris West as his Wife, and Iris is lucky to have Barry Allen as her husband . They need to put Wally and Linda together so we can have our flash family ,

  32. Laughing hysterically at the Barry Caitlin fans who accuse Westallen fans of putting too much stock on polls yet they’re are the ones who create the damn polls and become bitter when WA win their polls…

  33. Each viewer is different. I’m a fan who’d rather be shown than told. This is teleVISION.
    I see how Barry and Caitlin’s friendship gradually develops. I enjoy seeing their dynamic. They can be goofy together and they can be serious together. And they’re magnificent in both. They have the BEST chemistry, in my opinion. It’s organic and natural. They support each other, confide in one another, cheer up one another. They even do so without explicitly asking for it. They don’t always have lines to say to one another yet I see their characters communicate, with a look, a shrug, a tilt of the head… And considering they’ve never been written in a romantic light (as of yet? maybe never since they’re not “canon”), is a testament to how much potential they actually have. Imagine if the showrunners ever decide to explore their relationship in that light? And that potential is what makes Barry and Caitlin exciting (consequently more interesting) for me (yes, even with the new characters they’re either dating or interested in).

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