Ship Wars: Brooklyn 99 vs Undateable

This week we’re doing Ship Wars sitcom style: Brooklyn 99 vs Undateable. Both shows are in their third seasons and have new relationships that started at the beginning of this new season. Unlike most shows, neither of these series pulled a Ross and Rachel and made viewers wait most of the series to see their ship together. As a viewer, this is quite refreshing. So, which ship do you prefer?

Jake and Amy. Brooklyn 99‘s resident detective couple. Jake has liked Amy since season 1 and we found out last season that Amy might just return those feelings. While Jake is laid-back and childish (in the best way), Amy is more serious and focused. Both use these characteristics to be excellent detectives and their differences make them a great team in bringing down the bad guys. When it comes to their romantic relationships, do opposites really attract?

Jake and Amy


Justin and Candace. While this ship is a newer one, the second the writers let us know Candace might have feelings for Justin, fans jumped on board. Both Justin and Candace are sweet and kind, caring more about others than themselves and have always wanted to find that one person they are going to spend their lives with. Can they be that person for each other or will their similarities derail their passion?

UNDATEABLE -- "A 'Will They' Walks Into A Bar" Episode 301B / "A 'Won't They' Walks Into A Bar" Episode 302B -- Pictured: (l-r) Brent Morin as Justin, Bridgit Mendler as Candace -- (Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC)

Let us know what you think and watch Brooklyn 99 on Fox on Sundays at 8:30 and Undateable on NBC on Fridays at 8:00.


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