Jane the Virgin Fandom Speaks: More Petra, Less Love Triangle

Scanning through Tumblr posts today to see what fan reactions were to the highly publicized Black Friday episode of Jane the Virgin, two very distinctive themes were noted.

First and foremost, there were many groans as Petra’s attempt at friendship with Jane was thwarted time and again. The fandom has fallen in love with Petra and her awkward yet largely self-imposed tragedies. Perhaps the producers should consider playing “Why Can’t We Be Friends” in the background every time Jane and Petra are in the same scene together. Of course, poor Petra can’t catch a break and that tends to be exactly why they can’t seem to manage being friends. Some day perhaps?

The other most noted subject of discussion was, as usual, the love triangle. Fans of the show are tired of the love triangle. Both Michael and Rafael have messed up. They’re both flawed. But so is Jane. At this point, many are saying that if Jane can’t choose between the two, maybe she should find a different guy. Others are guessing that Jane will fall for her professor/advisor.

What do you think will happen? Let us know in the comments below!

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