Fandom Speaks: What Can The Vampire Diaries Fans Agree On?

It was not easy to find anything positive from fans in regards to The Vampire Diaries this week. Some were happy about Caroline and Stefan getting it on for the first time while others were upset that Stefan didn’t do more to make it special. Some were fans of the ‘BonEnzo’ kiss while others could only say ‘W-T-F?!’

The few things that all of Tumblr seemed able to agree on included Bonnie being the main reason anyone is continuing to watch the show, that The Heretics are incredibly boring, that Alaric is an idiot for re-animating Jo/not-Jo, that the storylines this season seem to all be repeats of other episodes in previous seasons, and that the show should have been allowed to Rest In Peace rather than continuing it the way that it is currently going.

Tumblr user zombiesmut stated it best with the question: “Is TVD now just a fanfic???”

Also, a recurrent question seems to be, “Why is Stefan so out of character this season?”

Have the writers run out of ideas? Is Julie Plec even paying attention anymore now that she has two other shows that she’s running?

Honestly, fans don’t necessarily seem to care. They’re much more preoccupied with keeping their tags nice and clean and organized, a fact that should be very telling…

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