Fandom Speaks: The Flash’s Troubling Tidbits

From the world of TV numbers, congrats  to The Flash for their highest rated show yet this season! Having pulled in more viewers than everything but NCIS, it even bested three of the bigger networks.

Meanwhile, fans have had a number of things to say about the episode in the Tumblr-verse since the airing. A large portion of those things seem to be questions. Questions that don’t have answers. Or at least not official answers. Yet.

First, the most common question seem to be: “What is Barry and Patty’s ship name? Do they have one yet?”

This was actually a discussion that happened during live-tweeting of the episode as well. A variety of different names were tossed around such a “Batty” (Nope, absolutely not), “Parry” (Not much better), or “Spallen” (Really? That’s kind of boring, isn’t it?). But then came the winner. At least it was the winner last night on Twitter. “Spillen.”

It fits, doesn’t it? Barry and Patty are both incredibly awkward. Spillen surely captures that.

Next up is the question that any version of Harrison Wells always brings up: Why are we trusting him AGAIN???

There is no good explanation for that one. None.

Then come the theories. The best one I saw on Tumblr was one shared by several fans. It certainly has a good chance of having some truth to it. So what is it, you ask?

Wells has a special affinity for Barry and in many ways has been his “creator”, or at least his acknowledged mentor. Wells 2.0 has acknowledged having “created” Zoom. What if Zoom is Barry’s doppelganger?

With that in mind, next week’s episode should be intense and fun.

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