Book Review: Indulgence: Tales of the Cirque Romani an Anthology

The word indulgence conjures an image of a person who engages in an activity in which he or she desires. When one thinks of a cirque, perhaps the name Cirque du Soleil (the world-famous theatrical entertainment group that thrills with its dramatic flair), springs to mind.

Indulgence: Tales of the Cirque Romani an Anthology by Lady Day Publishing skillfully weaves together these concepts but with an ingenious wrinkle: many of the members of this traveling troupe are supernatural beings, societal misfits hidden from the judgment and condemnation of the outside world. Within the Cirque Romani, these supernatural entities live and work together as a family.

Indulgence: Tales of the Cirque Romani is a unique collection of short stories by Alta Hensley, George Pappas, Amy Le Blanc, Ty Langston, A ‘Jeeper’ Wade, Liz Borino, Rae Spencer, Ava Riley and Elizabeth Thorne. The beauty of this anthology is that each story has characters with their own motivations and a plot that moves them along in their journeys. Read separately, the stories can be appreciated as satisfying appetizers. Yet, the fact that all of these characters are connected as either performers or spectators of the Cirque Romani invites the reader into the lives of the troupe. Consequently, reading the stories as a whole gives the reader a thorough meal of sensual and supernatural ecstasy.

Cirque Romani is a carnival troupe full of mystical allure and overflowing with deadly secrets. Against the backdrop of stories detailing the adventures of supernatural beings such as shape shifters, vampires and werewolves, humans are threaded into the narratives. Despite these sensual unions, there is a pervasive theme of the forbidden and unattainable. The desire for the elusive happily ever after frames these stories.

Coming Home by Ty Langston stood out for me. Langston creates a poignant story of romantic longing, mistrust and betrayal.

Intriguing characters lend strength to these tales. Suspense and foreshadowing accentuate reader enjoyment. The immortals that live in the Cirque Romani crave what humans seek: love, family and loyalty. Further, we see the shape shifters and vampires embracing heroic sacrifices in the name of love, family and loyalty.

Mystery, supernatural characters and riveting plots make Indulgence: Tales of the Cirque Romani an engaging read. However, due to its sensual content, this book is intended for mature readers.

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